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The Scariest Settings In Horror

We all know that when it comes to the horror genre, the setting of the film is one of the most important aspects of the whole experience. The really thought-provoking question is: which is the most effective type of set for inducing terror in the audience?

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Review: ‘Dig Two Graves’ Is An Impressive Debut For Hunter Adams

“Dig Two Graves” seems to be the little independent horror film that could. It tells the story of a girl named Jake who after her brother dies in a tragic accident is met by a mysterious figure who offers her the chance to bring him back. However it is at a horrible cost. As the characters, especially Jake’s grandfather the Sheriff try to unravel the mystery more of the family bloody history reveals itself.

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‘Rings’ Trailer Debuts Bringing The Horror Trilogy Full Circle

“The Ring” is considered one of the greatest modern day horror films redefining the landscape for the genre. While the first and second film centered around the main family involved, “Rings” takes things in a broader direction. With the first trailer debuting today, the family from the first two films is no longer involved but someone will still face Samara’s wrath. Check out the short trailer below.

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‘Rings’ Trailer Brings ‘The Ring’ Horror Into Modern Day

The trailer for “Rings” landed today bringing the popular franchise into modern times with an internet based presence. While the original film “The Ring” started with VHS tapes and the sequel explored the origin story, “Rings” seems to veer away from this rather inclusive approach by integrating the horror into technology which is part of our daily lives. Take a look at the trailer below.

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Top 10 Non-Horror Films That Will Haunt You

Horror films are the ones we always associate with giving us nightmares and severe cases of anxiety during a two-hour period. But, there are those films where the subject matter is too intense or a certain scene frightens you or something about the film leaves a sour feeling in the pit of your stomach. Those are the kinds of films I’m talking about today. The ones that literally haunt your conscience and leave an anxious imprint, making you never watch it again or only letting yourself watch it once a year.

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