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Category: Gaming

‘Destiny 2’ First Trailer Is Filled With Nathan Fillion Style Humor

Highlighting the aftermath of the first game in a cinematic style, the first trailer for “Destiny 2” debuts with humorous Nathan Fillion dialogue. To bring attention to the humor, the speech is given simultaneously by two distinctly different personalities. While little gameplay has yet to be shown, this trailer sets the tone of this upcoming sequel to the popular Bungie franchise.

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GTA 5 Ought To Influence Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games seemingly has the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 bagged already. All they had to do, really, was tease the thing for three days before releasing a trailer comprised of just pre-rendered cinematics, and ever since they did that the gaming media just can’t shut up about the title – not that it’s a bad thing. Rockstar has a mighty fine track record with games, so at this point players can be confident that the game will be a bonafide masterpiece. It’s even in our own list of top games for 2017.

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Microsoft Announces Monthly Xbox Game Pass Service

With a selection of games stemming from both Xbox One and compatible Xbox 360 games, Microsoft has announced a new monthly gaming subscription starting Spring 2017. Xbox Live Gold members will be getting first dibs on the Xbox Game Pass, but it sounds like it should be available for those who do not have Gold as well.

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Nintendo Switch Buyers Beware, Stock Memory Won’t Support Some Games

The Nintendo Switch is almost here but for those looking for the bare bones setup, it may not be good to go out of the box. As we already know, the stock memory is limited, but the assumption was that it could at least handle any individual game. Based on new reports, the game “Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2” will surpass the memory limit being 32GB itself. While the Switch does have 32GB standard, over 6GB of that space is allocated for system installs.

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Video Game Deals Feb 19-25: Batman: Return to Arkham, Final Fantasy, BioShock, And More

Outside of being a video game enthusiast, I’m also a deal enthusiast. Being an above average bargain shopper, I thought I would use Gaming Fad to share my findings throughout the week.
This week some deals are still going on from last week but we have some exciting new additions such as Batman: Return to Arkham, Final Fantasy, BioShock, and a lot more!

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‘Castlevania’ Series Coming To Netflix In 2017

While the details are scarce at the moment, we now know that a “Castlevania” series is in the works and coming to Netflix. The first season is set to kick off this year with Adi Shankar producing. Shankar has remained tight lipped about the project, providing details on a progressive, as-needed basis.

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