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Top 5 Films About 50 Foot Women On-Screen

To say I’ve seen a couple of movies would be a bit of an understatement in the same way as saying a 50 foot woman is a bit worrisome. One sub-genre of films that I’ve seen a surprising large amount of is the giant woman film. Unlike vampires or werewolves this isn’t exactly a well-represented monster. I honestly can’t even think of ever seeing a list like this on other film sites so here’s my unique contribution to film discussion. Now here’s the really interesting thing, none of these movies are really all that good. The best one is just OK, but it’s an interesting enough idea that I honestly think COULD work. Maybe one day it will.

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Eric’s Guide Through the Universal Frankenstein Series

Before all the other long running franchises like “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Friday the 13th,” Universal’s Frankenstein series was King. Before all the other long running franchises like “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Friday the 13th,” Universal’s Frankenstein series was King.

Frankenstein needs no introduction, but despite how ingrained in the popular culture how many have actually watched all the films? Other question, how many do you think there are? 8, (although one could argue which ones count and which don’t I’ll have my own criteria but before I start to ramble)… 8 Frankenstein films at a time when Hollywood was rarely certain of the viability of sequels. As with of these kinds of articles I’m going to list them off from best to worst and hopefully help you decide which films are worth your time. However, despite my own feelings on these films I feel like you should watch them all so I’ll skip my advice portion this time.

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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal Is ‘Stronger’ Than Ever

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal delivers so many great performances that cinephiles, casual moviegoers and the industry are united in admiration, With few Oscar nominations, it seems like he is taken for granted. After Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar, many Millennial movie fans have cited Mr. Gyllenhaal as the young and talented actor overdue for a win. I couldn’t agree more. I first noticed his acting ability alongside Laura Dern and Chris Cooper in the historical space drama “October Sky” (which was a family favorite in the Miles household).

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Taking Inspiration From Movie Magic

Movies are the ultimate form of entertainment. They are the most watched, consumed, invested in and purchased forms of media in the world and people will spend months looking forward to a film and years rewatching their favourites. With a hundred-plus years of films, they have been able to intertwine with our culture and our personalities.

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7 Fictional Dogs I want to own

We all love dogs, unless of course you’re one of those weirdo cat lovers. However, I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve seen a dog onscreen you wanted to have. Well just don’t expect to see Old Yeller, Lassie or Benji on this list. Yes they are some of the most famous dogs of all-time, but I haven’t actually seen any of those films and I want to be honest with you.

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Top 5 Hans Zimmer Movie Scores

Hans Zimmer been composing for major motion films since the 1980’s. If you do not know him, just think of films with scores that stand out. Lion King, Gladiator, Rain Man Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Knight trilogy….Hans F’n Zimmer. His style and influence has impacted over 150 films, while earning Academy awards, Golden Globes, and Grammy’s among others. Though I absolutely loved the soundtrack to Dunkirk, I wanted to highlight my personal top 5 film scores by Hans Zimmer.

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Eric’s Guide To Watching the ‘Planet of the Apes’ Series

Most of my stories of movie watching involve my dad, but for ‘Planet of the Apes’ I associate it with my mom. We happen to catch the original “Planet of the Apes” on TV. Afterwards, we decided to pick up the other films. Over the course of the following weekends we slowly bought the other movies. So with the new film currently in theaters I thought it may be fun to do another one of these ranking guide articles to celebrate. We have a lot of films to get through so let’s get started.

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Top 5 Daniel Day-Lewis Performances We COULD Have Gotten

Recently it was announced that Daniel Day-Lewis has retired from acting. Many critics and fans are saddened by the prospect that we will never see one of his performances on-screen again. Now he has retired before, but was brought back. Who knows, maybe he will pull a Miyazaki. In the meantime while others make list of his best roles I thought it may be fun to look at the roles we could have gotten, but for one reason or another never happened.

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