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A Look Back at Recent Trailers (2)

A Look Back at Recent Trailers (2)


Last year I did an article like this hoping to begin a new category of articles. Well it may have taken a while, but I’m back with more trailers.

For those paying attention, a little event called the San Diego Comic Con happened not too long ago. As a result we got ALL the trailers. So I thought it’d be fun to run through them all and give my own takes one them. I’ll go in order of least interested to most interested, let’s begin.

5.) Aquaman

Look I am not an Aquaman fan, I’m sorry I know the jokes can be tiring, but that’s just how it is. I know they’re inaccurate to how he actually works, but again they’re just too damn funny. All that out of the way the trailer looks… OK. It looks like a superhero movie trailer, but it’s about a superhero I really don’t care one way or the other about. I still haven’t seen “Justice League” so I have no idea from the trailer if this is supposed to take place before or after that. It’s not a bad trailer by any means I just have no interest because I have no interest in Aquaman. I get it if you’re totally stoked for this because you love the character, it just does nothing for me. I hope it’s good, I really like James Wan as a director. Black Manta looks fantastic! We’ll eventually find out how it all plays out, although I probably won’t see it in theaters myself.

4.) Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I JUST saw this. As in right before I sat down to write this article I finally gave this trailer a watch. I’m a very casual Harry Potter fan. I enjoyed the first “Fantastic Beasts” and I’m curious to see where the series goes. I’m just not obsessed with the series like Star Wars or Marvel stuff. I know I’m going to go see it especially since I’m now engaged to a HUGE Potter fan. However, I thought I should still give my thoughts. It looks interesting. There’s not much more new information from the teaser of the specific story. I just hope Johnny Depp’s actual portrayal is as engaging as Colin Farrell was in the last film. Also maybe I missed this in the teaser, but we’ve confirmed that we’re going to follow up on the Credence story from the last film which is good. We’ll get to see the Dumbledore as a young man plus, finally Nicholas Flamel. I wonder if this’ll improve re-watching “Sorcerer’s Stone” since we’ll now know who they’re talking about at the end. However, what I’m most excited about is that it looks as though Dan Fogel will be back which is great as he was by far my favorite character from the first film.

3.) Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I think it’s fair to say that this year’s Comic Con was the year of Warner Bros. because if you can’t guess there’s still another trailer from them on this list. First things first, I really enjoyed “Godzilla (2014).” It had its flaws, but overall I enjoyed it. Let me just say I absolutely love the mood of this trailer and find the music to be very interesting. This will be the first time Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah will appear in an American Godzilla film. Good because the Mutos of the last film were quite boring. Now in the original series King Ghidorah was an alien and with these films really pushing the whole Godzilla an avatar of nature keeping balance plus the general “realistic” tone of the films I wonder what changes that will entail going forward. Also, we seemed to have gotten rid of those boring main characters from the last film and replaced them with Eleven from “Stranger Things!” I kid, though I’m excited to see Millie Bobby Brown in something else. With her performance on “Stranger Things” I truly think she’s one of the best kid actors since Haley Joel Osment. Also, after Finn Wolfhard did such an amazing job in “IT” I’m curious if she’ll also be able to show off her range. Oh BTW guys, you misspelled King Kong in the title there fellas. As we all know, there is only one true King when it comes to monsters. Oh ya I can’t wait for the next film in the franchise, which is supposed to be a remake of “King Kong vs Godzilla.” And I am 110% on team King Kong, BRING IT!


Look DC fans I know it can be tough to see your films get crapped on all the time except for “Wonder Woman.” Well here’s a DCEU I’m straight up excited for. I know very little about DC’s Captain Marvel, most of what I know about him comes from his episode on “Justice League Unlimited.” Still it always sounded like a good concept for a superhero film. I know this to be true because after all, debatably Captain Marvel is the first superhero to get a film serial. He even beat Superman to the big screen. So while other fans may disagree, from my limited knowledge this looks like they’re striking the right balance for this character. The jokes all mostly land and the characters seem likable. If I had one minor nitpick it’s with Dijmon Hounsou as the wizard Shazam. In the original comic he was specifically drawn to look like an older Captain Marvel which could lead to some interesting aspects which with Hounsou can’t really be explored. Now remember this is a MINOR nitpick mostly because I absolutely love Dijmon Hounsou as an actor so I’m just happy to see him play an important part. Fun Fact: he’s actually also going to be in Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” movie reprising his role from the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” since it’ll be a prequel. That plus both Captain Marvel films are coming out the same year just seem like the kind of thing the world HAD to have planned, but no it’s just a fun coincidence. All I can say is enjoy all the articles explaining the difference between DC and Marvel’s Captain Marvel for the next year.

1.) Glass

Now here’s what I’ve been waiting for! I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this, but I’m a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable.” He mentioned ideas for a trilogy for years after the fact, but they never materialized. Then, a little movie called “Split” came out which was also pretty good with one hell of a twist… it was a “Unbreakable” sequel. Now we have our culmination with “Glass.” There’s the thing, in the time before “Split” we had a lot of fan speculation and pitches about what a sequel would be like and for the most part I thought they all sounded bad. Mainly because they would be going way too far into the superhero style and just not feeling in keeping with the original’s super realistic tone. I mean there should be an escalation, but you can only take it but so far otherwise what’s the point of this being related to “Unbreakable?” Well I’m happy to say it looks like this is what they’re doing for “Glass.” By keeping the characters in an asylum it keeps it grounded which I really like. I’ve heard some interesting theories about what will become of Anya Taylor-Joy’s character. If nothing else I’m glad Samuel Jackson is back as Mr. Glass because from other interviews I know he’s been excited for this for a long time. I’ve re-watched this trailer many times and probably will do so until it finally comes out. After all this time of waiting I’ll leave you with this; please stick the landing, please stick the landing, please stick the landing.

What do you think? Which trailers are you most interested in and why?

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