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TBT Review: ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’

For this Easter I thought we could take a look back at one of the most controversial films of all-time. Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”, not surprising as it is a film about Jesus and in this day-and-age that seems to go hand in hand. It’s based on an equally controversial book and has divided viewers for years. It begins as basically retelling of the story of Jesus just with a greater emphasis on his inner conflict and trying to show him as a human first, the son of God second.

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Review: ‘Going In Style’ Infuses Exquisite Actors With Mediocre Comedy

With rising bills and the loss of their pensions, “Going in Style” tells the story of three elderly people ready to risk it all. Reasoning that they are at the tail end of their lives with nothing to lose, they decide it’s worth the risk to alleviate their debt by robbing a bank. As they begin to plan for this heist, they find that this task is a lot more difficult due to their age.

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Review: ‘Dig Two Graves’ Is An Impressive Debut For Hunter Adams

“Dig Two Graves” seems to be the little independent horror film that could. It tells the story of a girl named Jake who after her brother dies in a tragic accident is met by a mysterious figure who offers her the chance to bring him back. However it is at a horrible cost. As the characters, especially Jake’s grandfather the Sheriff try to unravel the mystery more of the family bloody history reveals itself.

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Isn’t A Great Remake But Pretty Darn Close

The original “Beauty and the Beast” often has a special place in the hearts of Disney fans and considered by many to be the best piece of animation the studio has ever produced (including yours truly) and has been revered at a level that “Cinderella,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Sleeping Beauty” have never quite been able to achieve. Naturally, that leaves the “Beauty and the Beast” remake with some massive shoes to fill and while it doesn’t quite achieve that feat, they manage to come surprisingly close.

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Review: ‘Logan’ is the Bloody, R-Rated Wolverine You’ve Always Wanted!

As the synopsis states, it is 2029 and many mutants have nearly vanished. A hidden and perplexed Logan (Hugh Jackman) is in a hideout near the Mexican border and working as a driver for hire. Taking care of an ailing Professor X, who is hindered by maddening seizures. However Logan’s attempt to go away in the world and his legacy abruptly end when a mysterious woman appears with an urgent request–that Logan shepherd an extraordinary young girl to safety. Soon, the R-rated claws come out as Logan squares off against dark forces and a villain from his own past on a serious, life-altering mission and one that will set the beloved warrior on a path toward fulfilling his destiny.

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