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Gordon McAlpin’s Multiplex Comic Strip Ends After 12 Years

Audiences famously experienced this with “Logan” ending Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine in theaters this past month. But while that movie received a proper amount of acclaim, there’s another film related project quietly nearing its conclusion. Gordon McAlpin’s Webcomic Multiplex will end a successful 12 year run with the publication of its final strip on April 10th (today).

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Top 4 High Stakes Gambling Movies

Gambling is a very controversial topic, and so are the movies that promote it. But if you are a 21st century gambler who understands that gambling is all about winning and losing (depending on your strategy), you’ll want to familiarize yourself with everything related to gambling, including movies whose themes are based on casinos. So if you have always wanted to play slot games at a secure online casino, getting a hang of it through the following movies would give you a clue on where the world is headed.

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Top 5 Horror Movies That Got Their Own Video Games

Horror movies are unquestionably popular, but success at the box office doesn’t always relate to success on the game consoles. That isn’t to say that there aren’t still some great games out there. Here are five of the best horror movies that have received their own video game treatments to get you ready for October.

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5 Sneaky 2016 Films To Be Excited About

But in the meantime, it’s worth pointing out some of the subtler releases we’ll be seeing in 2016 – the indie movies, Netflix titles, etc. that won’t dominate the cinema but could quietly assume places among the year’s best films. Let’s take a look at five movies that could ultimately fit this description.

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