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Rumor: Pierce Brosnan Being Eyed For Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

After Ryan Reynolds posted a photo of himself, Hugh Jackman, and Pierce Brosnan on Instagram, speculation began. Pierce Brosnan together with Wolverine and Deadpool lead to many believing that Brosnan could be Cable. That speculation evolved into more credible rumors once other outlets started reporting the same. The team over at East Coast Movie Guys reinforced the rumor stating that this release “coincidentally” lined up with a casting announcement timeline they received from an inside source.


Golden Globes 2017 Live Updates Winners And Losers

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the 2017 74th annual Golden Globes are here! Throughout the event we will be live blogging and provide updates on the winners, losers, and major milestones throughout. Stay tuned as we begin to send out updates at 8PM EST.


Exclusive: Burt Dalton Talks ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Special Effects & CGI Versus Practical

After leaving college with another goal in mind, Burt Dalton found success. While he claims he “fell into” special effects, an Oscar win and 2 nominations would lead us to believe he was destined for greatness. With the recent digital release of “Deepwater Horizon,” we had the chance to discuss Burt’s work on this film. From the balance of practical versus CGI effects, Burt weighed in on how he was able to make these real events come to life on the big screen. We also have a chance to talk about the future of the special effects industry with the fast-paced evolution of technology.




‘CHIPs’ Trailer Premieres Starring Michael Peña and Dax Shepard

Starring Michael Peña and Dax Shepard, the trailer for "CHIPs' premiered on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in comedic fashion. Based off of the classic TV series of the same name, this film centers around two California highway patrolmen and their misadventures. Take a look at the trailer below.


Full Review – Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, one of the free games available for the month of October is Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings. Your first glances at this game will leave you charmed and ready for some exhilarating fun. Yet players will soon discover those initial sets of goosebumps are pretty much all Super Mega Baseball has to offer.

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