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5 Sports Superstars Who Played Themselves on Film

Space Jam 2 is due to be released in 2021, bringing to an end a 25-year wait for fans of the original.In 1996, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan thrilled audiences with a live action/animation hybrid. It was such a huge success that a sequel was planned straight away, but an article by Animated Views reveals how those plans were eventually shelved in 2012.

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What’s Stopping You From Streaming With A VPN?

Using a VPN to access international streaming services is great, in theory. You can spoof your location, and in doing so, access entertainment that’s specific to any country in the world. Theoretically, ‘this video is not available in your country’ becomes a distant memory, as you work your way through all the TV shows and movies you like. In reality, though, VPN users often find themselves unable to access streaming services at all.

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7 Superb War Movies You Should Watch

Hollywood has been making war movies for over a hundred years. There is almost no conflict in the history of world that has not been covered in some cinematic form. But with potentially thousands of movies available to watch, which are the best?

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The Five Best Soccer Films You Need to Watch

Last September, Film Fad took a look at a trio of “football” films. Thing is, we only featured two football films, the other being a soccer film. Now, here on Film Fad we have decided to focus solely on soccer.

That being said, here is five of the best soccer films that you will ever watch.

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Eric’s Guide Through the ‘Poltergeist’ Series

Wwwweee’rrreee hhheeerrreee to look back at the “Poltergeist” series. “Poltergeist” is a classic and considered one of those essential horror series, despite the fact none of the sequels are considered very good. Is that warranted? Are there any gems hidden in this franchise? Probably not, but it should still be fun to look them over.

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Eric’s Guide Through the “Psycho” Series

In 1960 one of if not the greatest director, Alfred Hitchcock made a film called ‘Psycho.’ It is said to be the first slasher film. That of course is contentious due to terms and ideas of what it means to be a slasher film. But like many of the slasher series that came afterwards “Psycho” spawned a whole series and crappy remake BEFORE it was cool. Let’s go through them and see which ones to bother watching and which to skip.

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Review: “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is a Schizoid Coppola Film

In 1931 “Dracula” starring Bela Lugosi started the original classic Universal Horror series of films. In the years since there had been other attempts at remakes of “Dracula”. Some were great, some not but almost all of them greatly deviated from the original novel. In 1992, the timing seemed right for a big-budget, more book accurate adaptation. Who better to helm this ambitious project than the director of “The Godfather” trilogy himself, Francis Ford Coppola.

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Review: “Halloween (2018)” is Pretty Good but Can’t Quite Measure Up

So here we are again, the “Halloween” franchise is currently so broken that to save it we must reboot the continuity. This time for an added bonus we get to bring Jamie Lee Curtis back to the role that made her famous, Laurie Strode… again. Still after “Halloween H20” did an adequate job of restarting the series it still fell apart again shortly after. So let’s see if this Jamie Lee Curtis return is worth the hype and a true successor to the original John Carpenter classic.

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Eric’s Guide to the “Predator” Series

Well there’s really not much to say to set-up this guide through the “Predator” series. I did the “Alien” series last year and since there were so many films I held off talking about the “AVP” films so I could pump up an article about the “Predator” series. So every time I do one of these types of articles I sometimes go from best to worst or vice-versa depending on what I think best suits the topic. For this I think it would be best to just follow the release date order to see how this series has gone up and down throughout the years. Let’s begin.

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