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Super Nintendo Classic Mini Debuts With Epic Game List

After Nintendo stopped production on the NES Classic, fans went nuts trying to score one and auction prices soared. Now with the announcement of the Super Nintendo Classic and games list, Nintendo will keep that demand on the rise. With 21 games officially announced, it looks like Nintendo may have another hot ticket item on their hands. Not to mention that the list includes a number of iconic, key titles that should satiate the appetite of any true fan. Check out the list of games announced below.

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ To Introduce Dazzler In A ‘Swift’ Way

As the next film in the X-Men franchise, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” progresses the story forward after “X-Men: Apocalypse” changed the course of the franchise. While there were a few new introductions in the last film, this upcoming movie plans to give some screen time to an 80s fan favorite character that was briefly mentioned. Dazzler will be making her way to the big screen in this X-Men film but only for a short time. And while many fans were expecting the rumors of Taylor Swift being courted for the role to be true, it sounds like she’s officially out of the running for the part.

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Fantastic Four to Return to Marvel?! Unfortunately NO

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it would seem that The Fantastic Four won’t be returning back to Marvel anytime soon. After all this time with fans hoping that Fantastic Four might follow in Spider-Man’s footsteps and find its way back to Marvel to join the MCU Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying they have “no plans with the Fantastic Four right now. No discussions about it.” This does indeed line up with statements he made before about FOX and Marvel making a compromise like with Sony. Although I would also remind you that Sony and Marvel did keep denying anything was happening between them until they were ready to make the official announcement.

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Former 007 Sir Roger Moore Passes Away at 89

On May 23rd 2017, Sir Roger Moore has passed away. Former James Bond actor and humanitarian Sir Roger Moore died from his fight with cancer in Switzerland. At the ripe old age of 89, Sir Moore had been fighting numerous health issues such as diabetes and different forms of cancer. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Tholstrup and three children. In their statement they said, “Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.”

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Justice League: Zack Snyder Out, Joss Whedon In Amidst Tragedy

Due to the unexpected loss of his 20 year old daughter Autumn, Zack Snyder has decided to step down from his directorial role in the “Justice League” film. After losing her to suicide this past March, Snyder went back for reshoots on the film alongside some script changes from Joss Whedon. After being on set, Snyder felt he could not continue and asked Whedon to continue the film in his place.

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Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” Delayed AGAIN?!?

Director Terry Gilliam has once AGAIN had his film “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” delayed. The long-awaited film has been put on hold this time for a court case. Specifically it comes from a former co-producer from a previous attempt. Paulo Branco of Alfama Films claims the film is “patently illegal” due to him still owning the rights to the film. Whether or not that is true will likely be contested. Especially when the current co-Producer Jeremy Thomas has already called the claim “preposterous.” The film was set to begin filming in October then March, but now will have to wait to resolve this.

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Tom Hardy Is Venom In Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoff

With the discussion of the Sony Venom spinoff continually being supplemented, the biggest news yet has arrived with Tom Hardy officially being cast as one of Spider-Man’s most notable villains. In addition to the casting announcement, we have also learned that “Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer will be directing the upcoming film.

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RIP Michael Parks at Age 77

With all of these bigger name celebrity deaths of the past year or so it can be easy to overlook someone like Michael Parks who passed away on May 10th at the age of 77. No word yet about the exact cause of death. This was confirmed by his agent, Jane Schulman. He is survived by his wife and son, Oriana and James. Born in April in 1940 in Corona, California. You may not recognize the name, but he’s been in some of the best (and worst) reviewed films of the past couple of years.

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Deadpool Animated Series In The Works; Donald Glover As Executive Producer

Setting course for 2018, FX Networks has ordered an animated series for the popular Marvel character Deadpool. The animated series is being described as “adult action-comedy” which fits right into the character’s persona. Additionally, “Atlanta” star and creator Donald Glover will be serving as the show’s executive producer which FX Networks is wholeheartedly behind.

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