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Amazing Disney Mondo Art Debuts At ‘Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show’

Last month Mondo and Cyclops Print Works revealed they teamed up for an art gallery show themed around Disney. Titled “Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show,” the event will showcase amazing artwork produced by some amazing artists centered around iconic Disney films. The more recent additions include “Bambi” and “Fantasia” alongside the already announced “101 Dalmations,” “Aladdin,” “Big Hero 6,” “Lilo and Stitch,” “Pinocchio,” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Check out a few pieces of the artwork available when the event opens later this week.

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‘Rampage’ Film Adaptation Begins Filming Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

As the next video game to get the film adaptation treatment, “Rampage” has officially begun filming. While the game itself fell more into the realm of humor, the premise for the film adaptation leads us to believe this movie will have a more serious tone. With a laundry list of high profile cast members alongside Dwayne Johnson, this film may not be as bad as some would speculate.

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‘Star Wars Forces Of Destiny’ New Animated Series Preview Footage Includes Key Characters

In the first sneak peek of “Star Wars Forces of Destiny,” Disney gives us conceptual look of what’s in store for fans this summer. Many fan favorites old and new will be included in the series. Additional stories will be added to the “Star Wars” canon as Princess Leia, Rey, Ahsoka, and Jyn Erso are all mentioned to be included. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy established the target audience being children, but I’m sure that many fans of all ages will enjoy the supplemental stories

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Aaron Sorkin First Three Marvel Films Announced

With Aaron Sorkin making his rounds with Marvel and DC, he has already started pitching ideas for where to go with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ideas for the Avengers, Iron Man, and even a Nick Fury spinoff were already discussed. Marvel seemed to be very pleased with the ideas to go as far as preemptively designing the posters for these potential films. Check out a few of their posters with the film synopsis below.

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First Look At Alicia Vikander As Tomb Raider Lara Croft Is Spot On

With Alicia Vikander being selected to play such an iconic video game character, many have been curious how Lara Croft would turn out. Pulling from the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider series, Vikander looks like she was pulled directly from the game as she visually brings the character to life in these photos. Check out the first look photos below.

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New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Posters Set The Laid Back Tone Of The Film

Maintaining the fun and playful Spider-Man tone, new posters for “Spider-Man: Homecoming” have surfaced showing a more colorful look at Marvel’s iconic character. One shows a more traditional Spider-Man pose as he’s climbing a skyscraper and the other shows a more calm and collected Spidey laying back and taking a break. Check out the two new posters below.

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‘Atlanta’ Star Zazie Beetz Lands Domino Role In ‘Deadpool 2’

Ryan Reynolds went to Twitter to announce the casting of the infamous Domino in the upcoming “Deadpool” sequel. With two consecutive tweets he announced in both a pictorial and textual format that Domino would be played by FX’s “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz. The first tweet came with her name spelled out in dominoes followed by a photoshopped image of Domino with Zazie’s head pasted over top.

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