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Aaron Sorkin First Three Marvel Films Announced

Aaron Sorkin First Three Marvel Films Announced


Aaron Sorkin has three film ideas for Marvel and they already have posters!

With Aaron Sorkin making his rounds with Marvel and DC, he has already started pitching ideas for where to go with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ideas for the Avengers, Iron Man, and even a Nick Fury spinoff were already discussed. Marvel seemed to be very pleased with the ideas to go as far as preemptively designing the posters for these potential films. Check out a few of their posters with the film synopsis below.

Tony Stark


With Tony Stark being the man at the epicenter of the Marvel universe’s technological revolution, Sorkin’s idea for this film would be an introspective look at the inner workings of Tony Stark. Known for his innovative idea of the Iron Man armor, originally called the I-Pod, “Tony Stark” shows us how Stark rose to the top despite many hardships along the way. But even after being fired from Stark Industries, only to be rehired, Tony had become a legend in regards to modern day technology.

What’s most interesting about this type of film is that it focuses on Tony Stark rather than Iron Man. We see that Tony is a bit maniacal when it comes to his vision and not the delightful personality that many have come to know. With an estranged daughter that he supported financially despite having little connection with, we see that Tony’s vision has brought him to become disconnected with the world surrounding him. Sorkin plans on giving us a look at this side of Tony Stark in a very dialogue-driven film focused solely on character development.

A Few Good Avengers


Post Captain America: Civil War, “A Few Good Avengers” explores the legal implications of casualties and violence during the great battle among the Avengers. To clear his own name, Steve Rogers (Captain America, spends his time of seclusion earning his law degree online from the University of Phoenix. From there he seeks justice by putting Tony Stark on trial through a legal contradiction that implicates Stark for the crimes of misappropriation of funds through government contracts. Tony, having his own strong legal defense, fights back with his team of lawyers while Black Widow plays the role of witness to both sides. As the case progresses, Sorkin plans to show that while Captain America vigilantly wants the truth, Tony Stark shows him that he may not be able to handle the truth.

The SHIELD Network


Nick Fury has his own secrets and abides by his own rules to ensure the world is safe. Building SHIELD into an organization that is continually growing, Aaron Sorkin plans to show that the man behind this secret agent network isn’t as noble as we would think. His long time friend and partner Phil Coulson was originally behind the inception of the SHIELD network but we quickly find out that Fury was quick to stab him in the back by literally having Loki stab him in the front. As Coulson is revived miraculously, he seeks his own legal justice while Fury also receives another legal surprise from other former acquaintances. The Von Strucker twins claim that the SHIELD network was their idea and while Fury refutes their claims, he ends up settling out of court and the Von Strucker twins go on to form the Hydra network. This film may give Marvel fans an interesting look into how the SHIELD network isn’t as friendly as we would think.

What do you think of Sorkin’s ideas for the MCU?

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