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Streamer Beats ‘Resident Evil 7’ On Madhouse With Only A Knife & Almost Sets Speedrun Record

Streamer Beats ‘Resident Evil 7’ On Madhouse With Only A Knife & Almost Sets Speedrun Record
Resident Evil 7 - biohazard - knife

‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’

With every passing day, Gamers get younger, better at their craft and more creative in the ways they play the games… but this guy’s Madhouse run on ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ is just ridiculous!

From 8-bit Mario games to next-gen console masterpieces, streamers and speed-runners have beat almost every game in almost every way imaginable. Everyday you can find a broken record or innovative way to either play or challenge the gaming standards set by those who came before and conquered. But, as games grow more complex and nuanced, those select few who slash gameplay times in half or set virtually impossible run restrictions stand out like beaming gems in the rough. That’s why what this guy just did on ‘Resident Evil 7’ is so freaking insane… Find out just what he did that’s so crazy after the jump.



With an average playthrough time of about eight and a half hours, according to the website How Long To Beat, it was amazing when one player smashed the ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ record beating it at the hardest difficulty in just over three hours. Insane right? That means that gifted player can beat the game over twice as fast as the average player, or 20x as fast as I can get past the first 2 stages (but that’s neither here nor there, I’m awful). Well, someone took it to the next level.

Enter MrQuizzle, who guts ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ on Madhouse Difficulty, which randomizes game events, using ONLY a knife!? What is this guy, the “John Wick” of Resident Evil (wouldn’t it be amazing if ‘Resident Evil 7’ had a “pencil” mode)? With an overall complete time of a little under 3 and a half hours, MrQuizzle isn’t the fastest out there, but with the knife only restrictions it’s mind blowing he can even beat the game… let alone do it in near record time.

Check out the full Knife-Only speedrun for yourself below. Note: the video starts about one and a half minutes in after MrQuizzle’s self-promotional intro.


Have YOU played ‘Resident Evil 7’ yet? What’s YOUR fastest time?

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