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YouTube TV Targets Millennials & Cord-Cutters With $35 Monthly Streaming Service

YouTube TV Targets Millennials & Cord-Cutters With $35 Monthly Streaming Service

YouTube TV Targets Millennials & Cord-Cutters With $35 Monthly Streaming Service

So long cable and satellite subscriptions, “YouTube TV” gives consumers a new streaming alternative for watching their favorite network television shows live. But, which major channels won’t be part of the package?

“YouTube TV” is a brand new live and on-demand television streaming service, and you can watch it anywhere. The service will follow the increasingly common monthly subscription formula, which will cost consumers $35 a month for a plan including up to six accounts. While “YouTube TV” is slated to launch domestically by late-spring or early-summer of 2017, no plans have been announce for an international service release.

“YouTube TV” will allow subscribers access to up-to 40 networks and YouTube creator content similar to “YouTube Red.” But, will the soon-to-release service be able to stand-up against the pre-existing competition? Continue reading after the jump.



“YouTube TV” channels include the four major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, as well as other top-rated cable channels like USA, FX, MSNBC, ESPN, Bravo and Fox Sports. Subscribers will also have the option of adding premium or specialty channels, like Showtime and soccer programming, for an additional monthly fee.

During the “YouTube TV” press event, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki specifically called out the viewing habits of “Millennials” claiming their non-traditional needs would ensure the success of the forthcoming streaming service. Wojicicki had this to say,

“There’s no question that millennials love great TV content, but what we’ve seen is they don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting”

“YouTube TV,” however, is not without its limitations, and those limitations could potentially render the service just about as successful as the defunct Google+. While 40 channels is a good basic package, the YouTube service will be missing some highly coveted networks.

Among the missing heavy hitters are all of the Turner channels, like Cartoon Network (that means no Adult Swim) CNN, and TNT, all of the Viacom networks, like MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and the list goes on, including Food Network, Nickelodeon, Home and Garden and HBO (which has its own “HBO Go” & “HBO Now” services).

What could perhaps make “YouTube TV” even more of a hard sell comes down to commercials. While similar streaming services like CBS’s All-Access or Hulu offer the ability to watch major network content without any commercials, “YouTube TV” content from the same networks will all have ads. But, there is still potential…

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On the plus side, the YouTube service will let subscribers watch on virtually any device. From service launch, subscribers will be able to stream to their TVs using Chromecast, with additional devices to be added down the road. Subscribers will also be able to integrate Google Home and Google Cast, allowing people to speak to their TVs to control their viewing experience. However given some major kinks that still need to be worked out, as seen in their failed demo during the press event, this integration service will not be available at the initial launch.

“YouTube TV” also steals a page from the TiVo playbook, as users will have the ability to freely record their favorite programs. Although some exclusive or sports content may have restrictions and could be blocked on mobile platforms, the service will still be available on TV and desktop platforms.

Are YOU planning on using “YouTube TV,” or is it just another mediocre streaming service in an already over-saturated market?

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