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What’s Stopping You From Streaming With A VPN?

Using a VPN to access international streaming services is great, in theory. You can spoof your location, and in doing so, access entertainment that’s specific to any country in the world. Theoretically, ‘this video is not available in your country’ becomes a distant memory, as you work your way through all the TV shows and movies you like. In reality, though, VPN users often find themselves unable to access streaming services at all.

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7 Superb War Movies You Should Watch

Hollywood has been making war movies for over a hundred years. There is almost no conflict in the history of world that has not been covered in some cinematic form. But with potentially thousands of movies available to watch, which are the best?

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‘Black Mirror’ Top 5 Episodes Before Season 4

The 4th season of “Black Mirror” just dropped on Netflix and for those that haven’t seen the show, I’d put it on your must watch list for 2018. As you may know, Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology series that features episodes in modern society centered around ramifications of innovative technology. For many people, the first episode can be a bit too much but if you can stick with the show, it is worth it (will be talking about that in a minute). With the 4th installment, “Black Mirror” continues to bring forward incredibly complex and controversial plots. As a modern “Twilight Zone,” the series finds a nice blend of creative sci-fi plots and compelling storylines with superb acting. It is refreshing to see such original content with extreme plot twists and intriguing storytelling that can leave your jaw open questioning, “did they just go there?” Not many sci-fi shows can claim this. Before you begin watching season 4, here are my top 5 episodes from the previous 3 seasons. Disclaimer, I will do my best to not spoil any of the episodes.

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Review: ‘Jim and Andy’ Peels Back the Layers of Jim Carrey

Andy Kaufman was a weird guy, Jim Carrey is also weird which made him perfect to play him. Netflix has recently created a new documentary about when Jim Carrey portrayed Andy Kaufman in Milos Forman’s “Man on the Moon.” As you hear in the trailer this is taken from behind the scenes footage of the filming. Supposedly the studio did not want the footage released for fear of it painting Carrey as a jerk and hurting business for the film. Now years later we get that along with Jim Carrey’s own musings on his performance.

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Is A ‘Thriller’ At SDCC

The “Stranger Things” season two trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con and it gave us an in depth preview of what to look forward to. With Will experience residual effects from his time spent in the upside down place, things look a lot more intense than before. As said in the trailer, it sounds like the threat is not focused on him, but instead the entire town. As the trailer closes, we get progressive hints at Eleven’s return and an oddly unique, gooey portal that could be the means for her return.

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‘To The Bone’ Trailer Highlights A Socially Relevant Topic

“To The Bone” brings attention to anorexia as Ellen (Lily Collins), a young woman coping with the disease, finds hope through an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves) and a group of others suffering from eating disorders. Making its way to Netflix in July, this is a film that has potential to bring attention to the disease as well as Lily Collins for her devotion to a physically challenging role.

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Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Clip Has Daya About To Shoot A Guard

The fifth season of “Orange Is The New Black” left us with the unexpected death of a character that led to disarray. For the sake of those who have not caught up with the Netflix hit show, I’ll spare the details until you scroll down. But from what you see in the clip above, the death of this character is what drove the centered new mother Daya to a moment of aggression. Check out the new preview images below as well.

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FadCast Ep. 132 | Netflix Original Wins & Epic Fails

This week on the FadCast, We thumb through Netflix's extensive catalogue of originals to talk projects that win and those that epically fail.

FadCast Ep. 132 | Netflix Original Wins & Epic Fails

This week on the FadCast, We thumb through Netflix’s extensive catalogue of originals to talk projects that win and those that epically fail.

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Michael Bolton’s Netflix Valentine’s Day Trailer Is HILARIOUS!

Teaming up with Andy Samberg and the rest of The Lonely Island, Michael Bolton is parodying himself this Valentine’s Day. With a slew of other comedic talents, this Netflix special could be comedy gold for those who cannot stand the holiday. Whether you’re for or against Valentine’s Day, you need to check out the trailer for “Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” and have a few laughs.

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‘Castlevania’ Series Coming To Netflix In 2017

While the details are scarce at the moment, we now know that a “Castlevania” series is in the works and coming to Netflix. The first season is set to kick off this year with Adi Shankar producing. Shankar has remained tight lipped about the project, providing details on a progressive, as-needed basis.

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Danny Rand Shows Off His ‘Iron Fist’ In Netflix’s First Full Trailer

Coming this March, Netflix’s “Iron Fist” is on track to pack a punch. In the first full length trailer for the Marvel project, we see Finn Jones kicking some serious butt while exploring Danny Rand’s backstory. We also get a preview of his interactions with some other characters that should tie Iron Fist into “The Defenders” project soon after. Check out the trailer below.

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