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Supergirl TV Series, Are We Super Excited?

Supergirl TV Series, Are We Super Excited?


“Supergirl could soon join Arrow and The Flash and a number of other DC heroes on the small screen.  Warner Bros. Television is teaming with Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler to adapt the popular DC Comics hero for a potential TV series”

If only I were a 13 year old boy again.  Then I might share some excitement in such an announcement.  To know that a scantily clad babe who could brake me in two would be visiting me in my bedroom every week would peak the stock price in Kleenex.  Unfortunately, I’m grown and married now and my judgment is clouded by thinking done with the head on my shoulders.

My thoughts in particular are that DC has done better than expected with Arrow, and that if series  such as ‘Flash’, ‘Gotham’ (the Batman prequel focused around Jim Gordon), and ‘Supergirl’ continue to flood our airways we may begin to drown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love DC, I love seeing comics done well in other mediums, and I love seeing fit flying women in spandex…BUT…even I have limits.  It’s not just that I envision and fear a future with rival DC and Marvel TV stations that play cheap watered-down versions of my childhood idols 24-7.  I also feel that this is a character who lacks depth to carry her own series.  Supergirl has been around since 1959, but she has been born, killed off, and brought back to life and still not been able to climb out of her cousin Sup’s shadow.  If DC wishes to build a franchise on film that can rival what Marvel has done they need to make their moves more carefully as they build this universe.

Still, I plan to keep an optimistic view in the end.  At worst such a series could have me tuning in just to see Kara spin in a phone booth so I can see her costume (like I used to wait for Lou Ferrigno to show up with green skin).  And at best, the series could pull a generation of adolescents off of their free amateur porn to appreciate a Lucy Lawless-like character that gives you good plot and sex appeal that will last in their minds for years to cum.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]

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