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Aubrey Plaza Descends Into Instagram Madness In New ‘Ingrid Goes West’ Trailer

Aubrey Plaza Descends Into Instagram Madness In New ‘Ingrid Goes West’ Trailer

Ingrid Goes West Trailer Aubrey Plaza

“Ingrid Goes West” Trailer Stars Aubrey Plaza on an insane quest to the west in search of a life that’s picture #Perfect.

Neon debuted their new teaser trailer for “Ingrid Goes West” starring Elizabeth Olsen (“Captain America: Civil War”) and Aubrey Plaza (“Parks And Recreation”) and it’s enchantingly bizarre.



“Ingrid Goes West” tells the story of the mentally unhinged young Ingrid who grows an unhealthy obsession with social media celebrity Taylor with a seemingly-perfect life. But, when the increasingly unstable Ingrid decides to leave her life behind, and move West to actually meet and befriend Taylor, things take a sudden turn towards dangerous.

Watch the official new teaser trailer for “Ingrid Goes West” below:

“Ingrid Goes West” is directed by Matt Spicer and stars Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. Based on a script by Spicer and David Branson Smith, the dark comedy also stars O’Shea Jackson Jr., Wyatt Russell, Billy Magnussen and Pom Klementieff.

Watch’s reaction to the new “Ingrid Goes West” teaser trailer below:

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