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Christopher Nolan’s Next Project May Be ‘Akira’

Christopher Nolan’s Next Project May Be ‘Akira’


It is being reported that Christopher Nolan’s next project may be “Akira.”

The word is that Warner Bros. is planning an “Akira” trilogy and none other than Christopher Nolan could be involved. The last report regarding Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan spoke of him directing a film set for 2017. If this latest report about “Akira” is true, then this may be the film that they are referring to.

Warner Bros. has had the rights to the manga since 2002 and it has been surrounded by many rumors, speculation, and mishaps along the way. There have been a variety of actors said to be attached to the film over the years including Keanu Reeves and Garrett Hedlund (“Tron Legacy”) but such rumors were debunked with many questioning the future of “Akira.” With over a decade since they acquired the rights and not moving forward, this could be a project that is definitely on the Warner Bros. agenda.

Given Christopher Nolan’s success with The Dark Knight trilogy, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Warner Bros. would want him to be involved with a trilogy around this popular manga series. Nolan has a proven track record with his films being success stories but the role of his involvement may be questionable. It was also reported that he met with a nameless filmmaker to discuss “Akira” but as previously mentioned, the details of that conversation are scarce. That conversation could mean he may serve another role such as a producer rather than director. This would in turn still leave a shroud of mystery surrounding his directorial project set for 2017.

While these reports are being entertained by credible sources, there is still a lacking of concrete evidence. For now we will have to anxiously wait to see if someone credibly verifies the reports as factual rather than speculative.

What do you think? Is Christopher Nolan going to be attached to “Akira?”

This was first reported by Den of Geek

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Marty Nozz

Is Christopher Nolan going to be able to tell the story as a sensitive look at post WWII Japanese culture that the Manga and Anime movie were? Probably not, and hopefully Warner Brothers figures out that throwing Nolan at a sci-fi project they want to do something with is not magic unicorn ride to success. I think Akira is a project that needs to be left alone and enjoyed in its existing forms.







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