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5 Reasons Why James Marsden Never Gets the Girl

5 Reasons Why James Marsden Never Gets the Girl

Marsden - Superman Returns -

4. Richard White in “Superman Returns” (2006)

Richard White: Lois, that article you wrote.
Lois Lane: “Why the world doesn’t need Superman?”
Richard White: No the other one.
Lois Lane: Which one? I wrote dozens of them, I was practically his press agent.
Richard White: The one from years ago before we met, “I spent the night with Superman.”

In “Superman Returns,” Marsden plays Richard White,  a top-rate newsman, skilled pilot and all around good husband/father… that is until Superman… um… returns. Once the Christopher Reeves simulacrum Brandon Routh re-claims the S on his chest, Mardsen’s marriage and paternal efforts go to h*ll in a jettisoned Kryptonian space pod containing their planet’s sole survivor and soon-to-be champion of Earth (whew… that was a mouth full). No amount of reckless and self-endaring heroics are enough to maintain the attention of an in-creasingly distracted Mrs. Lane-White. Oh yeah, and to add insult to injury, did I mention the kid is not his? Although we don’t see the heartbreak unfold in the confines of the film, the audience is left to assume the proverbial super-sh*t is about to hit the fan.


The Dirty: You are NOT the father. Sorry Dick, that’s Supe’s boy. Also, in what world does Brandon Routh beat out James Marsden for the ‘Girl?” That is an atrocity!


The Silver Lining: Superman did not rip Dick in half for having “filled” in with his girl Lois during his absence. There is always that…

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Drew Russell

This is so true and Unfair.

Jia Drisdom

I actually did a Google search for “why does James Marsden never get the girl?” It totally sucks because it is so true. I always feel so bad for him because he is always such a good guy in his movies.

Anony Mpls

Your article does not describe “Why James Marsden Never Gets the Girl” as advertised. It lists five times that it did happen and rehashes those scenarios.

Really, dig deeper. Author and commenters alike.







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