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Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Casting Call: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Netflix Series

Blade - Ghost Rider - Moon Knight - FilmFad - Picks for New Netflix Series

Rumor is that Marvel and Netflix are in talks to add future properties and we can’t wait to pick who we’d like to see in them.


Coming off a punishingly successful and electric 2nd season, ‘Daredevil’ has set the tone for Marvel hits on Netflix. And the streaming media powerhouse hasn’t stopped there laying out other hit series like ‘Jessica Jones, ‘ which is rapidly nearing the premier of its 2nd season, and the upcoming stand alone ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Iron Fist’ series. Given the recent inundation of streamable superhero material, one would think Netflix is Marvel-ed out for the time being. Well, “one” would be WRONG! That’s right, the hot new rumor circulating the web is that Marvel and Netflix are far from any sort of hiatus and busy penciling out future joint properties. More specifically, the streaming behemoth is allegedly close to nailing down a contract for a Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight series.

The tone of these properties also seem to fall in line with the darker themes and characters Netflix’s Marvel universe has been developing. So while we, the adulated fans of the Netflix housed Marvel universe, patiently wait to see if these rumors fade or come to fruition, behold Film Fad’s top picks to fill those super-shoes.


Blade aka Eric Brooks


Blade (2006-2007) #6 | Guggenheim, Chaykin and Delgado | Marvel.

Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill. – Wesley Snipes | ‘Blade’ (1998)

Blade’s first solo story hit the stands back in 1974 (Vampire Tales #8). That Marvel story grew into the comic franchise that ultimately became “Blade” the motion picture. This movie was both one of Marvel’s early attempts that not only became a fan favorite, but also paved the way for subsequent Marvel movies like Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” movie. In a way, that means we have “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” because Blade is such a bad@ss vampire.

In The Past…

Wesley Snipes - Blade -

Wesley Snipes (‘Blade,’ ‘Blade 2’ and ‘Blade Trinity’)

A half-vampire, half-mortal Blade (Wesley Snipes) struggles with his humanity, tussling with flashbacks of his past, only to become the protector of the mortal race, slaying evil vampires to prevent the rise of the so called ‘Blood God.’ As mentioned above, the positive reception of the ‘Blade’ movie almost single handedly provided what would be the kindling for the inferno that has become the greater Marvel cinematic universe. So, it goes without saying that a new Blade will have some seriously hefty combat boots to fill to even come close to Snipes’ character redefining adaptation.


Blade - Sticky Fingaz - Blade The Series - FilmFad - Top Picks

Sticky Fingaz (‘Blade: The Series’)

In 2006, Sticky Fingaz revived the blade mantle for a ‘Blade’ series created by ‘The Dark Knight’ writer, David S. Goyer. The season, while with some cult following, failed to capture the appeal of the Snipe’s lead film franchise and only managed to survive for one season before being staked through the heart. While he tried to imitate the bad@ss character Snipe’s had created, Mr. Fingaz ultimately gave audiences a rather lackluster performance.


Our Pick:

Blade - Idris Elba

Idris Elba (Heimdall in ‘Thor’)

Why? Because Idris Elba should play EVERY role! No, seriously. I would love to see Elba don the fangs and roam both the darkest alleys and sunniest streets as the infamous Daywalker. Given his ability to breathe life and excitement into even the most vapid of movie roles ([cough]… ‘Pacific Rim’), Elba would surely bring audiences a ‘Blade’ they can love again. While many fans are holding out to see Elba transition to the Warner Bros held DCEU as Green Lantern John Stewart, I think he’d have an easier time staying in house with Marvel. All that being said, Heimdall is still alive and well in Asgard, for now, so this pick  will remain in the realm of fantasy. Again, for now…


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