Netflix’s Punisher series has begun shooting!

Jon Bernthal has been spotted on set filming Netflix’s upcoming Punisher series. In the photo below we don’t see the clean cut, militant Frank Castle from “Daredevil.” Instead he’s sporting a full beard along with a baggy hoodie and jeans. Take a look at the photo below.

Netflix has remained silent about the Punisher series but now they must confirm it’s happening. While Netlix had their lips sealed, many were speculating Frank Castle’s return in a spinoff series. Thanks to an unintentional New York Comic Con statement, fans learned that the series was a go. Conversations about Jon Bernthal’s appearance at the convention were met with a statement about a scheduling conflict. That scheduling conflict was said to be with Netflix and that lead to “factual speculation.”

Jon Bernthal first appeared as the Punisher aka Frank Castle in “Daredevil Season 2.” While we don’t know much about this standalone series, rumors from San Diego Comic are that the series is expected for release in 2018. We could also see Bernthal make a few cameos in other Marvel series. So far “Iron Fist” and “Agents of SHIELD” are two series where he may make an appearance.

What are your thoughts? Why is Jon Bernthal sporting a beard for the Punisher series?

This was first reported by Just Jared.