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Nostalgic First Look At Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’

Nostalgic First Look At Disney’s New ‘DuckTales’


The first look at the new ‘DuckTales’ Disney XD series will make old fans scream “Woo-oo!” with nostalgia.

Note from the Editor: I know that animation is usually in Eric’s wheelhouse, but I LOVED ‘DuckTales’ growing up… so I can talk animation too Dag Nabbit! 🙂



Last year the interwebs caught wind that ‘DuckTales,’ the iconic and Emmy Award-winning disney animated series, was getting revived with a reboot headed for Disney XD. Fast forward to a year later and we, the adulated generation of the 80’s and early 90’s, finally get a very nostalgic first look at the ‘DuckTales’ of new, with a very familiar look and tone to the ‘DuckTales’ of yesteryear. While it is still too soon to say if the reboot on Disney XD will rival the charming appeal of its predecessor, the picture shows a definite respect for the past series with a lively sense of adventure. With it’s 2017 premiere lingering in the not-too-distant horizon, this first image speaks a thousand words, and they are all saying very good things.

ducktales - disney - xd

First look at the new ‘DuckTales’ coming to Disney XD in 2017. | Photo property of Disney.

According to Disney Blogs, The rebooted ‘DuckTales’ Disney XD Series will feature the same usual suspects with the indomitably greedy Scrooge McDuck, the mischievous grandnephew trio Huey, Duey, and Louie and of course the most timeless mallard in all of Disney-dom, Donald Duck. Judging by the freshly released image, the series will carry on the mantle of the previous run with a gaggle (get it…) of outlandish mis-adventures and, hopefully, a lot of scenes with Scrooge McDuck swan-diving into his golden pools of decadence. The one mention that’s particularly important to me is the return of my personal favorite character from the previous run, the alouf aviator with pizazz,  Launchpad McQuack.

Again, while it’s hard to say just what the new ‘DuckTales’ will turn out to be, the first image and tremendous success of the ‘Mickey Mouse’ series, which seems to be the origin of the updated style of animation, gives me a fair amount of confidence that this is another property Disney wants to get right.

Check out the ‘DuckTales’ theme song below:

How do YOU like the first look at the ‘DuckTales’ reboot for Disney XD? Were YOU a fan of the original and does this new series look like it will do it’s namesake justice? We want to know what YOU think, so tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Disney Blogs

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Eric Pace

I suggest that they get Dan Castellaneta (Groundskeeper Willie) to voice Uncle Scrooge assuming they don’t bring back Alan Young.







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