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Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Sets March Netflix Release Date w/ First Look Photo & Teaser

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Sets March Netflix Release Date w/ First Look Photo & Teaser


Another super-powered ‘Defender’ is joining Marvel’s rabidly popular Netflix universe and he’ll be here a lot sooner than you’d expect…


Fans of streaming media are likely still pulling all nighters to complete the well-trafficked third installment to the Marvel-on-Netflix universe, Luke Cage… and what a “Sweet Christmas” it has been. The Popularity of the already fan adored ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones’ and now ‘Luke Cage’ series makes Netflix’s latest announcement all the more adulating.

With a teaser trailer and a first look screenshot, the forthcoming fourth Marvel series has officially been set to premiere on March 17, 2017. That’s right, ‘Iron Fist’ places ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Finn Jones in the title role of the mystical martial arts guru on his crusade against crime. The series will chronicle the story of Danny Rand, a man who after gaining mystical abilities during his travels through Asia, returns to the sleepless city of New York to quell evil… and perhaps makes some super new friends.

Of course, Netflix didn’t stop there. Giving fans something beside a date to look forward to, the streaming media behemoth also released a new image of a sans-costume Danny Rand in action… as well as a mysterious teaser trailer.


Danny Rand (Jones) drops the hammer on an unidentified goon in Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ (2017).

In the gracefully brutal ‘Iron Fist’ first look picture, you see the martial prowess of Danny Rand (Jones) in full effect as he looks to be amidst converting a pirouette into a critical downward thrusting punch. Judging by the mass of unconscious bodies, presumably all incapacitated by Rand’s “Iron Fist[s],” audiences can expect the new series to have the same action elements Marvel on Netflix viewers have come to appreciate. Given the deeply spiritual element to the “Iron Fist” story, it will be interesting to see what Netflix does with a property grounded a little less in reality.

Watch the new cryptic ‘Iron Fist’ teaser trailer below:

While the series caught some flack for the casting of Jones as Rand earlier on, in some cases hoping the traditionally white character would be rebooted perhaps with an Asian lineage, naysayers sentiments appear to have settled. After another crowd pleasing installment to the Marvel/Netflix super universe, it’s a smart move to push their next installment while fandom is scorching hot.

Just in case you missed it, watch the San Diego Comic Con First Look trailer below:

Are YOU excited for the upcoming ‘Iron Fist’ Netflix series? We want to know, so tell us YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.

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Marty Nozz

Been a little out of the loop as to hunting down the teasers and trailers, but I did watch the NYCC trailer that was just released. Now, of course, we have the problematic issue of having a white male playing a kung fu expert playing into the trope of having white males FREAKING SCREW ALL OF THAT GARBAGE OMf’nG IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! YES! All of the yes! Sweet Jesus in the smoking birch bark canoe YES!

As you can tell. I’m sort of excited.







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