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Why Ellen Is a Better Oscars Host Than Neil Patrick Harris

Why Ellen Is a Better Oscars Host Than Neil Patrick Harris


The 87th Academy Awards have come and gone. Neil Patrick Harris promised a magical evening filled with song, dance and A-List affirmations, but did NPH deliver or did Ellen do better?

From the moment that Neil Patrick Harris was selected to take the reigns of the 2015 Oscars from Ellen Degeneres, correlations were drawn and bets were placed as to who would be the best. As the 87th Academy Awards went on, it became quickly evident that NPH had put a tremendous effort creating an event that is part showcase and part spectacle. The question becomes, did it matter?

Let me preface this by saying I am a tremendous and long-time fan of Harris from his days as “Doogie Howser” all the way to his omnipotent presence in the “Harold and Kumar” films and on to his womanizing ways in “How I Met Your Mother.” With that said, the following does not stem from any ill will towards America’s beloved expert thespian, but Ellen was Better!

Why? You might ask. Well, here a few reasons why I think Ellen succeeded where Harris did not.

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