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‘Gotham’ TV series: What I Liked and Did Not Like

‘Gotham’ TV series: What I Liked and Did Not Like


Fox premiered a new DC show this week that has been catching a lot of buzz carrying the same name as Batman’s hometown of “Gotham.” Instead of providing a lengthy narrative of what I thought of “Gotham,” I jotted down a few of my likes and dislikes for the first episode. Click through the pages below and tell me if you agree or disagree!


Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

Harvey Bullock:

Donal Logue has been one of those actors whose face is recognizable but the name is not. For me he has always slightly tipped towards the likable side of the scale. As Harvey Bullock he brings a depth to the character that we have not seen before by creating an internal struggle of good versus evil. He may be corrupt but he has ample reason for being corrupt. While many may not agree with his actions, a majority can understand the cause for his actions making him an engaging anti-hero.



Ben Mckenzie as Detective Gordon

James Gordon

Every story needs its centralized hero and in “Gotham” this is Detective James Gordon. While I don’t think Ben McKenzie has done anything wrong from an acting standpoint, I just do not like James Gordon based off of the pilot episode, he’s just too clean. For James Gordon we need a cop with a bit of an edge, not a cop from “CSI: Miami!” It’s obvious that they are putting the “TV cool stamp” on Ben McKenzie, which may work for your clean cut farm boy or billionaire playboy but for a Detective exposed to the dark side of Gotham, another pretty boy doesn’t fit…unless they’re wearing a mask. Also I would expect some scandalous romances to be in Gordon’s future given that they chose to have him be engaged rather than married which plays right into the TV formula.

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