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Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

 1. Channing Tatum as Danny McBride’s Gimp in “This is the End”

Tatum Dog Costume -

Danny, tell me how my ass tastes.

 “Channing fucking Tatum. I found him wandering on the freeway. I collected him, made him my bitch.”

The world is ending. After a catastrophic incident leaving a party-hungry Michael Cera impaled and many other celebs dead, James Franco along with Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with events preceeding the apocalypse. On their odd adventures in search of salvation, the motley crew runs into Danny McBride, a bitter ex-friend they spurned in the beginning, who has now turned to cannibalism.

“I’m a cannibal, hombre. We’re gonna fuckin’ eat your ass.”

McBride is not alone. He is accompanied by henchmen, underlings and one gimp in particular. “Magic Mike” himself, Channing Tatum. In this case, Tatum portrays a luchador mask wearing sex-slave to a dominant mullet bearing overlord, McBride.



Channing Tatum as Sex-Gimp:
1 Set of Football pads
1 Pair of Lacrosse or other body armor from knee to foot
1 Luchador Mask (the more colorful the better)
1 Pair of Tighty Whities (The more soiled the briefs the better)
(Optional: Eating human flesh for sustenance.)

No Tatum Slave-Gimp ensemble is complete without being down on all fours and wearing a leash held by your sexual overlord.

For full-advice on how to Perfect your “This is the End” costumes, watch this video:


Look through the Gallery below and tell us which costume idea is YOUR favorite!

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