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Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

Bill Murray in Zombieland -

You could always dress up as Bill Murray in “Zombieland.”


Bill Murray in “Zombieland”

“Zombies don’t mess with other zombies.”

Can’t come up with a fresh idea for your Halloween getup this year? Fret not thyself for has your back with six Halloween costume ideas born from offbeat films. Counting down from the smoldering meteor of humor that is Bill Murray, here are our Top 6 picks.

“Is that how you say ‘Hello’ where you come from?”

5. Brad Pitt in “Cool World”

Cool World Pose -

Detective Frank Harris (Pitt) and devious ‘Doodle’ Holli (Kim Basinger)


6a00e54ee7b6428833017616430818970c-500wiComing off of what was debatably his career starting role as J.D. In “Thelma and Loiuse,” Brad Pitt emerges with what is now know as the timeless cult classic “Cool World.” This live action and cartoon hybrid follows the lives of Frank Harris (Pitt) a returning G.I. and Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne, “The Usual Suspects”) an incarcerated wife-killing cartoonist as they are pulled into an absurd parallel universe populated entirely by ‘Doodles,’ until now.

For this Brad-ulous getup as the dapper Detective Frank Harris you need only three things:

1. The finest Zuit Suit ensemble you can muster (or afford).

ICool World - www.filmfad.comncludes:
1 Baggy Grey Suit set (The higher the waist and more parachute-like the better)
1 White Dress Shirt
1 Funky Abstract Wide Bodied Tie
1 Nifty Pocket Square to Match Your Tie
(Optional: Detective’s Badge and “Toy” Revolver)


2. Enough product to replicate Pitt’s youthful and regally coiffed hair… Or a wig.


3. A jaw-line that can cut diamonds. Angelina Jolie -
Let’s be honest though, the sharpness of his jaw can only be rivaled by the acute mandible of his bride Angelina Jolie… Pitt.



Now that you’re dressed to impress just make sure you stay on the lookout for Beautiful Blonde headed ‘doodles’ who only want to use you to cross a dimensional barrier.


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