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Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

Top 6 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas from Off Beat Films

2. Joaquin Phoenix in “Her”

Her -

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

In the Year 2025 we meet a lonely and socially awkward man, Theodore Twombly (Phoenix), who ironically pens heartfelt greetings for others by trade. Trapped in a depressingly mundane cycle of work and repressed emotions, Twombly finds some repreive when an ad for a new Artificial Intelligence cellphone technology catches his eye. Little does Twombly know that the ad will change his life…


Note from the writer: If you have not seen this movie yet then you MUST see it. Now! Well… finish reading this, then GO watch it!


Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly:
Phoenix in Her - www.filmfad.com1 Pair of Dark Beige Dress Slacks
1 White Button Down Dress Shirt
1 Race Car Red Members Only jacket
1 Caterpillar that sleeps on upper lips (a real or fake mustache is also acceptable)
1 Pair of Reading Glasses sans the lenses (the more hipster the better)
1 Cellphone in a red case
(Optional: Severe social awkwardness and Forehead that can act)

The most pivotal part of this costume is not in dress but in action. You MUST speak with your phone as if it’s your most dearest friend and lover. Tell it secrets that you wouldn’t dare tell another and you just might be surprised by how good the connection is… “can you hear me now?”

If you want to take things one step further, then invite a friend, dress them as a cellphone, and romance them all evening. The creepier the smile and more mushy the conversation the better.


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