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Foxcatcher: Boom or Bust for Carell and Tatum?

Foxcatcher: Boom or Bust for Carell and Tatum?

Foxcatcher -

The list of great fall films continues to grow and I am falling behind on my “Need to See” list.  One of the many is, “Foxcatcher,” set to release this weekend (Nov 14).  The dark drama starring the usually comedic characters of Steve Carell and Channing Tatum has already won Best Director and Best Actor (Channing Tatum) at the Cannes Film festival.  Director, Bennett Miller, known for Brad Pitt’s “MoneyBall” and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “Capote” has one Oscar win for “Capote” and from the looks of this coming film’s trailer is making a run for another.  The film will certainly continue to advance Miller’s career as a great director, but it is questionable how it will transform the careers of Carell and Tatum.

Steve Carell Anchorman

Steve Carell in Anchorman

Channing Tatum in drag

Channing Tatum in Drag

Both actors have shared that these roles have been by far the darkest of their career. Sometimes it can be difficult to cast the best of actors even when they have such versatility.  Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, and the late great Robin Williams are just a few examples of how Hollywood’s casting industry has trouble dealing with actors who can be the best at playing the full range of human emotion.  Hopefully both actors not only find success in the dramatic characters of this film, but can continue to be cast in both comedy and other genres to the best ability of their talents.

What are your thoughts?  Will this weekend’s release be a boom or bust for these actor’s careers?


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