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Rumor: Red Hulk Coming To ‘Captain America Civil War’

Rumor: Red Hulk Coming To ‘Captain America Civil War’

Red Hulk Civil War

We might see a Hulk vs. Red Hulk battle in “Captain America: Civil War!”

We’ve been seeing the stacked cast for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War but one returning Marvel cast member may have a bigger role than we thought. William Hurt will be returning to his role as General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, but according to a rumor at, General Ross might be transforming into the more recently created Red Hulk. On top of that, there is talk of a battle between the Hulk and Red Hulk that is said to rival the Iron Man/Hulk battle in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Somebody close to production has reached out and informed us that General Thunderbolt Ross will indeed be Hulk’ing out in Civil War. Additionally, as Bleeding Cool reported, Bruce Banner WILL be involved and I’m hearing there is a fight between Hulk and Red Hulk that is supposed to rival the Hulkbuster fight from Age of Ultron. Generally we don’t report on unsubstantiated rumors from unknown sources, but now that we at least have WAW’s scoop to compare it to, it seems a lot more likely and thus worth reporting on as a rumor.

This is purely speculation at the moment as a source cannot be named, but if it’s true then it could mean a larger number of battles than any other MCU film we’ve seen thus far. With many of the key Avengers supplemented by newcomers like Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and even Spider-Man, this film is already pretty crowded. With the introduction of Red Hulk, I’m not sure how they could even fit in a plot between all of the battles.


Red Hulk vs Green Hulk

So where does the Red Hulk even come from? The Red Hulk is a more recent character that was introduced in 2008. He was created with the intention of being a strategic opponent to the green Hulk by retaining his intellect. While his identity was initially a secret, it was later revealed that the Red Hulk was in fact General Ross who was presumed dead.

While this makes an interesting story for a comic book read, I hope that Anthony and Joe Russo tread lightly if this is indeed more than a rumor. There is so much going on in this film already that needs to be explored so we’re either going to have an extended epic or one long battle scene with a condensed plot. I’m sure many newer readers will be happy to see Marvel using some more modern characters, but hopefully the Red Hulk doesn’t overcrowd the film like we saw in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

What do you think? Is this just another rumor or could it hold water?

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Kevin Reynart

It’s a CIVIL WAR. Civil Wars are supposed to be crowded! I want Red Hulk to be in this movie. I really hope the rumors are true. I really want to see Red Hulk in a live action film. I hope Red Hulk is in Captain America: Civil War. I will be very sad and very disappointed if he’s not in the movie.

Marty Nozz

I’m just hoping the movie moves well away from how terrible the comic was.

Stepan Serdyuk

It would be great.

If they’re afraid of CGI cost, let them open Kickstarter or something, I’d gladly participate.







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