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‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Greenlit! That’s Right Pitches!

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Greenlit! That’s Right Pitches!

Pitch Perfect 2 Bellas

Update: Pitch Perfect 3 has a release date of July 21, 2017!

Be prepared to be “pitch-slapped” again as “Pitch Perfect 3” is now a go!

Pitch Perfect 2 was a box office success in the United States. Going head-to-head with the incredibly acclaimed film Mad Max: Fury Road, “Pitch Perfect 2” was able to take the #1 spot opening weekend. With that said, it’s no surprise that The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Universal is moving forward with “Pitch Perfect 3.”

There will be more, dear pitches, but it won’t be cheap. With Pitch Perfect 2’s massive $160.9 million in domestic box office (and counting), Universal and Gold Circle are moving ahead on a third installment.

I am very excited to hear this news. While the “Pitch Perfect” franchise is not cinematic gold, I do think it is funny, vibrant, and entertaining overall. Even in my recent review of “Pitch Perfect 2” I cited the lack of cinematic quality but praised the film for its fun. “Pitch Perfect 3” may not be necessary or incite discussion like “Mad Max,” but it should carry a general appeal that a diverse audience will flock to.

With the film heavily relying on music rather than plot, studios should be able to capitalize on more than just “Pitch Perfect 3.”. As long as they can get Anna Kendrick to return for more films, I could see films extending as if they were Police Academy films.

Regardless of the premise, I’m sure that fans will continually line up for the films as they come. The soundtracks have been proven to be amazing and the films are going more the direction of a concert experience with some comedy mixed in. This is the reason why the die hard fans will say that “Pitch Perfect 3” and other films to follow will be “Aca-Awesome!”

How do you feel about “Pitch Perfect 3?” Have the Bellas worn out their welcome?

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