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‘Lethal Weapon’ is Getting a TV Series on Fox

‘Lethal Weapon’ is Getting a TV Series on Fox


“Lethal Weapon” is next on the list for a television reboot.

Just recently we heard that The A-Team is getting a TV reboot. This week it’s the heroic police duo of “Lethal Weapon” that are getting the reboot treatment.

Fox has signed on to bring an hour long series to their network rebooting the origins of detectives Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs. The series based on the film that originally starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is said to be produced by former “Chuck” executive producer Matt Miller. It is not yet determined who will take over these iconic roles.

Much like the “Lethal Weapon” film, the series will start with an aging Roger Murtaugh getting partnered with wildcard Martin Riggs. Murtaugh, celebrating his 50th birthday and recently suffering a minor heart attack, is a less than perfect match for the former Navy Seal Riggs. As most of us know from the films, this unlikely pairing turns out to be a balancing act for these detectives and is considered one of the greatest duos in police film history.


Lethal Weapon has had multiple sequels

While it may seem a bit unconventional to take a popular film like “Lethal Weapon” and transform it into a television series, it’s actually been happening quite a bit lately. In addition to The A-Team series mentioned above, other series like “Training Day” and “Behind Enemy Lines” have already been pushed to TV after first appearing on the big screen. But while those films have seen little follow up at the movies, “Lethal Weapon” has had four successful films thus far. Maybe Fox is banking on the continued success of the franchise hoping that its success with sequels may translate into success in a series on an episode-to-episode basis.

Do you think that a “Lethal Weapon” TV series can be a success?

This was first reported by Deadline

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