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4 Villains That Should Be Used in ‘Wolverine 3’ aka ‘Old Man Logan’

4 Villains That Should Be Used in ‘Wolverine 3’ aka ‘Old Man Logan’


Recent reports indicate that the comic, Old Man Logan would be the story used as the basis for Wolverine 3, much like how Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Japan story arc was used for “The Wolverine.” But Old Man Logan was deeply entrenched in the overall Marvel Universe and a majority of the characters featured can’t be used by Fox. So this film by design will have to be very different than the comic and being made by Fox that’s sort of a given. Here is my list of X-Men villains I think they should use in “Wolverine 3” and who should play them.

4. Mr. Sinister


4. Mister Sinister played by Doug Jones

I have to admit this is extremely unlikely, however I’d just like to finally see him on screen. I was so excited when the X-Men films first started and there were so many possible villains and stories to showcase. But for whatever reason they keep going back to the same villains again and again. William Stryker, which is really weird seeing how he’s barely in the comics, and Magneto (I am Magentoed out personally) are in so many films. Personally I’ve always considered Mr. Sinister to be part of the big 3 X-men villains (Apocalypse and Magneto being the others). He has a design that’s iconic yet could be simplified for the film series’ aesthetics. But for the love of God don’t go with the Ultimate Marvel design.

The biggest issue would be the fact he is more of a Cyclops villain. Well again William Stryker was just a crazy preacher guy in the comics and had NOTHING to do with Wolverine and the Weapon X program. They may have since changed that in the comics to reflect the movies, but the filmmakers didn’t let little issues like that get in their way. I also happen to think that they wouldn’t hesitate to screw over Cyclops… again. I don’t think I need to show evidence for that as if you’ve seen the movies then you’re probably already aware.

My choice for actor would be Doug Jones.

3. Graydon Creed/Arcade


3. Graydon Creed/Arcade – Dougray Scott/Matt Smith

One of the more poignant X-Men comics had Jubilee and Wolverine using the danger room to look through all of their biggest bad-guys. We get to see all the major players in one comic but when they get to number 1, it’s humans. The people they struggle and die to protect still pose as their greatest threat because they hate and fear the mutants for being dangerous. It’s a short but well done comic that leaves Jubilee scared and Wolverine unable to give her much solace. In that spirit it may be interesting to have a purely human villain in the film. Graydon Creed is actually the son of Sabertooth and Mystique (ya she gets around in the comics), but surprisingly he’s human and grows up to be a major anti-mutant leader.

A good lead henchman or second villain could be Arcade; a once a very popular villain in the 80s but now is kinda obscure. His main gimmick is that he’s a genius scientist who builds incredible machines and robots to kill his enemies. He dresses like an old fashion amusement park owner. So you could use him as the secondary villain but also if they felt they HAD to get some more mutant characters in there then they could use the robots as duplicates or something. Have your cake and eat it too.

For Graydon Creed, I’d pick Dougray Scott and as for Arcade, Matt Smith.

2. Lady Deathstrike (AND The Reavers)


2. Lady Deathstrike – Kelly Hu

As awesome as “X2: X-Men United” was, one of the lingering questions for me was, “what was Lady Deathstrike’s origin?” I mean I know what it is in the comics but the movie seemed like something totally different which was fine. One thing I thought was kind of interesting was it seemed to imply (or at least be open to the idea) that this version of her was totally innocent. A poor mutant who was captured by Stryker and brainwashed to work for him. She has no control over what she does in the film and according to Cyclops she can see what’s going on but can’t do anything. When she gets killed it’s just a pointless casualty and that’s kind of interesting. However, I’m sure others would want to see the comic book version. And thanks to “X-Men: Days of Future Past” we can just write off the difference as the changed timeline.

So in the comics she HATES Wolverine with a passion. Also with the Japanese ethnicity of the character it could allow you to tie it in with the last film “The Wolverine” if you were so inclined. Plus she has a small team of cyborg henchmen called The Reavers. So you can do the multiple bad-guys Wolverine has to fight through to get to the real bad-guy. Also since this is “Old Man Logan,” (i.e. after the apocalypse (the event, not the character)) people with cybernetic enhancements wouldn’t seem that out of place. Personally I’d prefer to get to see a villain that we hadn’t seen before but if we gotta go back to the well of previous villains why not one who could be presented in a totally different way and closer to the comics, unlike say Sabertooth. He’s a cool villain but we’ve seen him in two movies and he’s basically covered. He’s a pretty basic antagonist.

Let’s get Kelly Hu back. She looks practically the same as she did back in 2003.

1. Omega Red


1. Omega Red – Luke Goss

Of Wolverine villains I’d say there are 3 big ones. Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, and the last one, Omega Red. Here’s a bad-guy I’ve been waiting for a long time to see. Again like Mr. Sinister, even if they feel the need to change his look for the movie they just need to keep some basic aspects to keep most of us happy. Prominently red in his outfit, metal tentacles that come out of his arms, white skin, and that’s it. Sure it’d be cool if they get him just like the comics (and honestly I think the design could easily transfer) but if not he still has an interesting power-set that could lead to some unique fights onscreen.

In the comics he was created to be the Soviet Union version of Captain America but an easy retcon to make it Weapon X’s second attempt to make a living weapon after Wolverine “respectfully declined.” In the animated series from the 90s they made him rather interesting where he seemed to the be the only bad-guy that Wolverine was legitimately afraid of. So in my opinion, this is the route Fox should take. How likely is it? It’s hard to say because there hasn’t been much information yet other than it’ll be “Old Man Logan” as the source material. I can say this it’ll be better than inbred Hulk children… yeah that’s in the comic.

I’d say let’s pick Luke Goss, Prince Nuada from Hellboy II: The Golden Army).

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