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Fate of ‘Love Actually’ Characters Harry and Karen Explained

Fate of ‘Love Actually’ Characters Harry and Karen Explained


Finally the fate of Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s “Love Actually” characters has been revealed!

Since “Love Actually’s” release in 2003, many have wondered about the fate of two main characters of the film. Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen’s (Emma Thompson) relationship was left to be a bit open-ended for audiences at the end of the film. Well now the film’s script editor Emma Freud has answered the details fans have been yearning for. Check out a few of the Tweets below.

“Love Actually” is a great film for developing its characters and the intrigue surrounding these characters furthers that point. Harry and Karen were the important balance in the film through their juxtaposed descent from the progressive, joyful enlightenment of other characters. Their characters showed the side of losing your path towards love while the other characters were finding the path towards new love.

To hear that Harry had a full on affair and slept with Mia was a surprise. It was not shown in the film but you could be led to understanding why his wife would be upset either way. To have that flip of the coin decided, it brings about a new perspective of the characters for fans. Harry could be a little more deceitful which made the next aspect of Karen’s character even more intriguing.

Love Actually -

Love Actually

Karen was given to audiences as a strong, independent character that is a guide for others. She definitely loves her children as shown in every scene where her motherly involvement dries up a recent moment of tears. But to reveal that Harry fully cheated, that shows that Karen’s motherly affection is the focus of her love story more than Harry and her reconciling. When she shows up to the airport with the kids, their relationship definitely seems damaged. In fact the distance in her voice seems like they could have had a separation period other than his travel.

But to have things explained as “they stay together,” that further provides balance to this already balanced film. We learn now that the focus of this couple’s long-term love in “Love Actually” is sacrifice and forgiveness. Hopefully this information can create a new experience for those viewing this film over the holiday.

What are your thoughts on this reveal?

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