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Saturday Night Live Taps Alum Darrell Hammond as New Announcer

<em>Saturday Night Live</em> Taps Alum Darrell Hammond as New Announcer

Darrell Hammond SNL -

“Live from New York it’s…” Darrell Hammond!

The now 58 year-old Hammond will be filling the shoes of the late great Don Pardo, who after announcing for “SNL” for almost it’s entire 39 season history, passed away in August.

Darrell Hammond SNL -

[Image Source: NBC Via Today]

Most iconic for his Sean Connery character Opposite Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek in Celebrity Jeopardy, Hammond is the shows longest-running cast member spending 14 seasons, from 1995 to 2009 on “SNL.”

He was also well known for his political impersonations of both a womanizing Bill Clinton and an aloof Al Gore, with his hilarious “LockBox” presidential campaign skits and more.

Although Hammond has stood in for Pardo in the past, I would love to see what unique flavor he will bring to SNL as their new, yet not unfamiliar, announcer.

But don’t expect Hammond to be the only change you see on “SNL” this season, according to Today as there is talk that there will be a new opening montage to accompany the new announcer as well as a number of casting changes. Why spoil your comedic appetite when you can just tune in and see for yourself as Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) kicks-off hosting for the new season.

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