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Author: Eric

Review: ‘Jim and Andy’ Peels Back the Layers of Jim Carrey

Andy Kaufman was a weird guy, Jim Carrey is also weird which made him perfect to play him. Netflix has recently created a new documentary about when Jim Carrey portrayed Andy Kaufman in Milos Forman’s “Man on the Moon.” As you hear in the trailer this is taken from behind the scenes footage of the filming. Supposedly the studio did not want the footage released for fear of it painting Carrey as a jerk and hurting business for the film. Now years later we get that along with Jim Carrey’s own musings on his performance.

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5 Things We Want to See in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

“Stranger Things” is something that if my little sister hadn’t pressed me on it’s possible that it would have passed me by like many other acclaimed Netflix series I just don’t watch. So thanks Lily! I wanted to wait to make sure plenty of readers had finished. Overall I thought the new season was pretty good. A little “Ghostbusters 2”-ish with a little too much repeating, but enough new stuff to make it worth it. Still I love the show and can’t wait to see whatever is coming next. Some things I’m more excited about than others. I think it’s self explanatory, but SPOLIERS ahead.

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Top 5 Worst Stephen King Adaptions

When Stephen King is done well it is amazing. When it is done poorly they can be some of the worst films. Sadly those terrible films greatly outnumber the good ones. So much so that I could not hope to see them all so if you notice a truly terrible Stephen King film not on here I believe you. There’s just a good chance I just haven’t seen it yet. Remember there are other years and almost certainly enough material for more lists on this subject.

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Top 5 Best Stephen King Films

Let’s get one thing straight, I realize this list of best Stephen King films isn’t terribly mind-blowing. What I’m putting on my list is probably what 90% of other people would put on their lists. But they’re all just that good, there are others I may like as much as these but the entries here are clearly the best. What may be interesting is to see what exact order these Stephen King movies come in because before writing I never really had them specified in any particular way. So let’s get started.

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Eric’s Guide Through the ‘Alien’ Series

The “Alien” series is one of my favorites even though I have to admit the amount of good ones is majorly outnumbered by the bad ones. This is one of the first horror series I could say I was a fan of and tracked down all of the films. Now in my house my dad had a rule we could (if we were 16+) could rent just about anything we wanted, but if it was a dark/gory we had to space it out. 2 horrors film in a row and we’d have to rent something like a comedy. This is also one of few times I went behind his back to finish the series in one go. My mom at the time didn’t really care what we rented so when I went up to her place to visit for the weekend I rented “Alien 3” to complete the chain. Anyways, I’ll be going from Best to worst for this one so let’s get started.

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