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Author: Eric

Top 5 Best Moments From the ‘Star Wars’ Saga

“Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi” (because I REFUSE to call it just “Star Wars The Last Jedi”) is out. Like many other fans I’m spending the time re-watching the older films in preparation. This time I actually do have a legit excuse in introducing them to my girlfriend because if we can’t get over this hurdle then I have serious doubts in the future of our relationship. Sorry hun. Anyway I felt it was time to go over what are my favorite moments from all the films. SPOILER ALERT! Let’s begin!

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Top 5 Favorite Westerns (That Aren’t The Good The Bad and The Ugly)

Last week I talked about my favorite western while covering the work of Sergio Leone. I’ve wanted to talk about westerns for a long time. However, if I mentioned them all, then most of the entries would be taken up by one director’s filmography. Then, there’d barely be any reason to talk about the remainder films of Leone which deserve discussion. I decided to separate them to be able to more fully discuss them all. So just remember the true number one of this list is “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” so just shift everything down and after “Unforgiven” shift everything down again to account for “A Fistful of Dollars” and “For a Few Dollars More” tying for the next spot.

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Eric’s Guide Through Sergio Leone Films

Sergio Leone’s name doesn’t ring the same bells as other masters like Kubrick and Hitchcock, but he should! I’ve wanted to talk about to Westerns for some time. Although it would be a shame if most of the spots would be taken up by one filmmaker. So I figured I go over this and then tackle my other favorites after I’m done talking about Sergio Leone. A few SPOILERS ahead.

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Is Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Really a Ripoff of ‘Book of The Life?’

I considered doing a regular review of Pixar’s “Coco,” but what’s the point? I mean it’s Pixar! I knew it was going to be good, you all knew it was going to be good. There’s a reason the Oscar for Best Animated feature is nicknamed the Pixar Prize. There are times they’ve won despite not even deserving it. That’s a fault of most voters lack of interest/respect in the medium. However, THAT’S a whole other discussion. “Coco” is quite simply a brilliant film and another instant classic for Pixar. All the praise it’s getting is deserved. But what almost always comes with praise? Backlash! For this film the main source of the backlash is the existence of an earlier film “The Book of Life.”

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Review: ‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’ is a Nostalgia Trip Done Right

After years of waiting patiently, fans can finally get closure with “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.” A thing to know about me is that I am a big “Hey Arnold!” fan. I watched it all the time growing up. I did NOT like the “Hey Arnold!: The Movie” (fair warning I’ll be referring/comparing this a lot throughout) that came out in the early 2000s and can see why it killed off this film for some time. Like my “Trans-Dimensional Turtles” review I think I’ll need to quickly give my thoughts on the “Hey Arnold!” series first so that you can see where I’m coming from.

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