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AMC ‘Preacher’ Series Has Its First Poster Image

AMC ‘Preacher’ Series Has Its First Poster Image


Seth Rogen teases AMC’s “Preacher” with its first image and possibly song?

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were recently selected to adapt the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic book series “Preacher” into an AMC TV Show. Since they have begun production we have not received much information but then Seth Rogen revealed on Twitter an image and possible song for the upcoming series.


First Image for AMC’s Preacher

The image above falls very much in line with the first book of the series resembling the burned down church that starts the journey of the main protagonist, Jesse Custer. In addition to the image above, the Willie Nelson song below was tweeted by Seth Rogen as well. This could be foreshadowing the television series’ theme song.

So far the cast for the series is getting rather large. Leading the cast as Jesse Custer is Dominic Cooper followed by Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy and Ruth Negga as Tulip. These are the three main characters of the series. Jesse Custer is a Preacher that is given the “word of God” from a creature spawned from an angel and a demon named Genesis. Cassidy is a vampire that befriends Jesse along his journey after first running into Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Tulip. The three build an interesting dynamic along the way but it is yet to be determined if their involvement will change in the TV show.

AMC is no stranger to “adult” themed shows but “Preacher” could present some challenges. They should be able to handle the violence but the comic book contains multiple instances of sexual acts and perversion that go well beyond the limits set by the FCC. It will be interesting to see how AMC handles those storylines and if they even handle them at all.

What do you think of AMC running a “Preacher” series? Will this be a hit or not?

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