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Why NOT to Buy ‘Star Wars’ Digital Copies

Why NOT to Buy ‘Star Wars’ Digital Copies

The bonus content is light

Star Wars C3P0

The bonus content seems a bit light

Despite the horrid additions to the film, there were a few things I liked about the “Star Wars” Blu-ray collection. One thing in particular was the amount of quality bonus content. The Blu-ray featurettes were awesome as well as the making of and standard deleted scenes.

If you look through the list of the “9-hours” of bonus content that they’re advertising with this digital collection you’ll find some new content but a majority of it is redundant. Things that we’ve already seen and known get a little bit more dialogue added to them but overall there is nothing that wows us like previous releases. I know that they can pull from different “secret vaults” but much of the content is just regurgitated rhetoric.

You probably already own all of this content already

Star Wars Collection

These are the same Star Wars films you probably own.

This is an overall message that seems to seep its way into many of the points above. The fact of the matter is, we’re not getting anything different from what we already own. There will be no major changes to the hi-def films as they are currently and therefore nothing worth buying based on film content.

If they released both versions of the films then I may even renounce my take on buying a digital collection, but unfortunately we’re paying for the portability of a product we already own. To me, the luxury of having my current collection in the cloud is not worth the money to me. I’ll just take my discs with me if I want to watch them.

Overall though, if you want to still buy it then buy it. “Star Wars” has been milking the cash cow for quite some time and I’ve bought my fair share of merchandise, I have the lightsaber collection to prove it. If you want to have your collection preserved in the cloud and the price seems fair to you then don’t let me stop you. I just know that I won’t be paying that price anytime soon…unless they give me something worth buying.

What are your thoughts on buying the “Star Wars” digital collection?

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Eric Nay

Thanks for the clarification. If it had Han shooting first then I would have bought it for my kids to watch. As is, no go.


No problem. I’m a huge Star Wars fan myself so while I understand fans wanting to buy everything Star Wars, the cost of paying $90 for the convenience of portability only seems a bit much for me.


You could also digitize your blu-ray collection rather than paying for this version, then when the original original trilogy is released in digital form you wont’ feel as bad about buying that one


You do too “own” digital media, to the same extent that you own software: in the form of a user license. Rights to pass physical media to survivors are worthless anyway when it comes to tapes & discs, because such media have a limited shelf life. It’s not like your grandkids will be able to watch your movies on DVD 20 years after you’re dead or something. And as for refusing to buy the new , updated versions as some form of protest , you’re only cutting off your nose to spite your face because Lucas has seen to it… Read more »


Licensing cannot be defined as ownership as it is a child of ownership. Definitively licensing is an action that is permitted by an owner where they are permitting you to use said item. You are right about the potential life of shelf copies though. While I don’t see them vanishing as quickly as VHS to DVD (given that Blu-Ray players can read DVDs), technology tells us that we will see a change in the future. This was not written as a form of protest, it was written as a statement of why I’m personally not buying them as a Star… Read more »

Michael Sorrentino

I agree with all but your first point. I mean who cares who shot first, just be glad that Han is still shooting at all! I mean this is Disney we’re talking about.


You are right, the “Greedo/Han Cantina” scene is a minor bit of editing that is hardly noticeable. The reference to that scene was more in reference to the changes overall like Vader screaming “NOOOO” in ROTJ, the replacement of Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s ghost with Hayden Christensen, etc.

Michael Sorrentino

Well, even those changes while unnecessary you can still understand the Lucas’ reasoning. The Vader yelling “No”, while not necessary makes sense, it’s what any person would react. However, the change itself would have made more sense if Lucas had shown Vader remembering Padme on Mustafar when she told Anakin that he was breaking her heart, then there is a context for his yelling “No”. Vader had failed in protecting Padme in the past, he wasn’t going to fail her again by allowing the Emperor to kill their son. Then with changing the Force Ghost of Anakin, again unnecessary, but… Read more »

Anakin Skywalker

This was his response to me after I called him out on his bull shit: “I didn’t say anything about one’s preference for aspects of the film determining your “true fan status.” The only thing I said about “true” fans is that they know the original cut had Han shooting first. I’m a die hard fan and I still find redeeming qualities when watching the prequels. There are also a lot of other things I like that others do not. The whole point of this article was to bring it to attention of fans that you’re paying for a digital… Read more »


I think he can read my response to you above.


Couldn’t agree with you more! $100 to be able to stream something you probably already own, with no ability for resale, with no additional features, and apparently no true ownership even… this is a betrayal to consumers saying, “You are all fools who will buy whatever we sell you!” Sadly, they are probably selling loads of them, so I have my doubts we will get anything better… Great article tho!

Anakin Skywalker

“True” Star Wars fan? Well then I guess I better throw all my Star Wars items away cause I’m not a true fan because I like the special editons and the unaltered editions. Thanks for showing me that being a true star wars fan doesn’t come from the heart but from being a butt hurt whiny little bitch ass fan tard.


I didn’t say anything about one’s preference for aspects of the film determining your “true fan status.” The only thing I said about “true” fans is that they know the original cut had Han shooting first.

I’m a die hard fan and I still find redeeming qualities when watching the prequels. There are also a lot of other things I like that others do not.

The whole point of this article was to bring it to attention of fans that you’re paying for a digital copy of something you may already own.

Anakin Skywalker

If you’re a true “Star Wars” fan then you know that Han Solo shot first in “A New Hope.” In the theatrical release of the “Star Wars IV: A New Hope,” the bounty hunter Greedo finds Han Solo in a Tatooine cantina. If you’re a true “Star Wars” fan then you know that Han Solo shot first. If you’re a true “Star Wars” fan. Stop making excuses. We all know what you said. Shut up and own up to it. You’re only making yourself look much much worse.


Haha, what are you even talking about right now? Did you read this article or just skim it?

Anakin Skywalker

Nervouse laughter. Own up to it. What? Are you starting to regret your comment?


First off, you’re trolling and I don’t know why I’m “feeding the troll.” Your responses are incoherent ramblings and I cannot make sense of any point that you may be trying to make. It sounds like you’re agreeing with me that Han shot first (which he did) based on your response above but you also are insinuating that there’s something that I need to “own up to.” The article has not changed, the words are the same, and there’s not one comment I regret. I would love to address whatever point you’re trying to make but the biggest struggle I’m… Read more »

Anakin Skywalker

No amount of you being butt hurt is going to change the fact that you have convinced yourself that only fans of the unaltered trilogy are the true fans. You said that. Remember. And no. I’m not trolling. Your tiny irrational mind is trying to make sense of your own stupidity by saying I’m “Trolling”. I’m not. I’m calling you out on your retarded belief that every true star wars fan know’s that Han shot first. You don’t get it, do you? And you wrote the fucking thing.


Haha, once again I never said that nor have I convinced myself of “true fans” having a preference for the unaltered trilogy. I myself like some of the post work done on the films. I’m not “butt hurt” in the least and in fact, it seems quite the opposite. The word “true” was used loosely in this article as a means of identifying the common argument of “Han shot first” rather than expanding upon its backstory. The definition of “true fans” is subjective in any context and its use in this article is not pertinent other than to point out… Read more »


Soooooooooo, who shot first? Kappa


Soooooooooooooooooo, who shot first? Kappa







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