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Five of Richard Pryor’s Funniest Moments… Ever!

Five of Richard Pryor’s Funniest Moments… Ever!

He’s an actor, social critic, film director, satirist, writer and most notably a legendary American Stand-up Comedian. He is the late Richard Pryor.


“Only 3 types of people tell the truth – kids, drunk people, and anyone who is pissed the fuck off.”


richard_pryor_efe2zAs early as I can remember having an appreciation for comedy I can fondly remember the diverse and analytically acerbic wit of Richard Pryor. Known for his uniquely unrelenting social critiques of racism and other contemporary issues, and laden with his signature profanity and vulgarities (“motha fucka”), Pryor’s brand of humor appeals to a diverse audience. Despite Pryor’s penchant for controversy,  he is collectively regarded as one of the most impactful and influential stand-up comedians to step foot on the comedy stage. So impactful that other notable comedians have since cited Pryor’s iconic effect on show-business, such as Jerry Seinfeld who calls Pryor “The Picasso of our profession.” Others comedians, such as Eddie Murphy, directly credit Pryor with their comedic style and purpose for wanting to be part of the entertainment industry, often times evoking Pryor’s persona during their own routines.


UnknownNow, I will admit that a few of these following moments happen to originate from one particular film, “Stir Crazy.” The reason? I happen to consider it to be not only one of his richest cinematic performances, but also one of the best comedies ever written. Yeah I said it… I dare you to watch it and not laugh. Directed by cinema legend Sidney Poitier in 1980, this beautifully penned buddy comedy takes us from NY to CA on pursuit to fulfill dreams of hollywood and easy women… or so Harry and Skip think. With that said, I would like to take you, FadFans out there, on a brief journey showcasing Five of, what I consider to be, Richard Pryor’s Funniest Moments… EVER!


So, without further ado…


5. Harry Monroe in Stir Crazy

Harry’s thoughts on mental health.

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Since his wee lad-dom, Pooya has been a sommelier of cinema. It was likely some acting bug, fallen from the dust riddled ruby curtains of an enchanted old stage that did it. Those cinematic scarabs must have burrowed deep into his brain, irreversibly altering his mind, turning the poor boy down a dismal path. From his earliest years the strange boy would aimlessly wander the aisles of countless video rental stores, amassing his trivial knowledge with vigor. These actions befuddled the boy’s parents, who still would lovingly oblige his unusual attraction to the motion picture. Often seeking refuge in the cushioned seating of his local movie theater, the odd adolescent would immerse himself in the scripted and effects riddled realities unfolding on the screen before him. During his collegiate years, he was twice spotted on stage performing bizarre theatrical rituals before awe-struck audiences. When he departed from academia, he left behind his youth in exchange for a labor routine, but the strange young man never lost his long-cultivated love of film. Recently, Pooya was approached by to join their budding team of entertainment bloggers. After hours of coaxing and an undisclosed number of honey jars, he accepted their offer. Finally he had come full circle. Finally, at, he was home.

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