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Why Hamlet 2 should be the next Book of Mormon

Why <em>Hamlet 2</em> should be the next <em>Book of Mormon</em>

Hamlet 2

“Hamlet 2” may have failed on the big screen, but it could shine on Broadway.

“Hamlet 2” was a film released in 2008 and drastically failed with box office numbers of only $4.8 million. This film, about a theater teacher attempting put on a controversial sequel to “Hamlet,” was an acquired taste for most. Throughout the film it was filled with many obscure moments of comedy that could be considered stereotypical for such a film. Despite comedic, routine stereotypes, the production of “Hamlet 2” in the film’s final moments was a theatrical masterpiece.

With the success of “The Book of Mormon,” this may be the perfect time to explore other controversial musicals. Here are a few reasons why “Hamlet 2” could be revived through theater and be Broadway’s next “Book of Mormon.”

Religious Controversy

If you have seen “The Book of Mormon” then you definitely know the “controversy” I speak of. Whether it be sexualizing a baptism or having religious figures associated with amphibious fornication, this production definitely pushed boundaries. “Hamlet 2” doesn’t push things quite as far but it does depict Jesus as a sex icon amongst other humorous mockeries of the religion. While it may not be as explicit as “The Book of Mormon,” “Hamlet 2” could be more controversial by poking fun at a religious faith accepted by a wider audience. And in this day and age, controversy definitely sells.

Common Writers

Here’s a fun fact. “The Book of Mormon” was written by “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and “Hamlet 2” was written by another “South Park” writer Pam Brady. Brady also was responsible for writing other Stone/Parker creations such as “South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut” and “Team America: World Police.” Given her experience and shared humor, she’s proven to have the right mindset for the task and the production in “Hamlet 2” follows suit with “The Book of Mormon.”

South Park

Pam Brady wrote many of Trey Parker/Matt Stone’s successful projects

It’s Practically Written!

This is the obvious reason for the revival of “Hamlet 2” and its transition to Broadway. The musical is practically written from a conceptual perspective. The characters, story, dialogue, set props, and wardrobe are practically there waiting to be scooped up. With it being already written as a musical, “Hamlet 2” can be easily fine tuned to meet expectations of the Broadway crowd. The production in the film was only shown for about 20 minutes so the show would definitely have to be expanded which is also an opportunity. From the show’s foundation, writers could expand the scenes we know and add in some fresh new ideas to give the show that extra bit of edge.

“Hamlet 2” falls right in line with Broadway’s proven success “The Book of Mormon.” It would be a great opportunity to capitalize on and wouldn’t be the first time that a Hollywood production has transitioned to a Broadway production (“The Lion King,” “Lestat”). I personally would love to see Broadway follow through with this idea.

How do you think “Hamlet 2” would do as a Broadway show?

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Yes! I’ve always thought this. Hamlet 2 is hilarious, but I really did find the the actual musical in the film to be catchy and strangely moving.







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