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A Look Back at Recent Trailers (1)

A Look Back at Recent Trailers (1)


I’ve had this idea to make a feature out of looking at a bunch of recent trailers.

You may have noticed our lack of articles for each new trailer coming out, mostly due to just how many come out at once sometimes. Now in each of these specific cases I watched them at times when it wasn’t possible to do a reaction video. So consider this a pilot-article so to speak. If this goes well I’ll try to make sure I have a reaction video with each. For now enjoy just reading my thoughts after each trailer.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Eric’s thoughts:
I have to admit I’m just not a fan of Miles Morales or the concept of legacy heroes in general. I just feel even though I’m reading a book called Spider-Man, I’m reading it for Peter Parker. It is Peter Parker that I care about, it is his struggles that I connected to. Why would I want to see a legacy hero when the real one is still around? Taking my own feelings of the character out of it, it seems like a case of style over substance. The visuals are interesting, but way over-done in my opinion. Case in point the stop-motion stuttering of the visuals, WHY? In “The Lego Movie” it made sense, even “The Peanuts Movie” had a point in trying to make it look more like the older animation and original strips.

My sister suggested it may be to make it more reminiscent of the flipping pages of a comic book.┬áPersonally, I get the sense they just thought it looked cool in those other movies and added it here because Sony is so damn desperate to be liked. I could be wrong, but that’s what it feels like. This is the first time the story’s been revealed to us and I have to admit the idea does intrigue me a bit. Does this mean we’ll see versions like Spider-Man 2099 or other versions of the character that could never make a full-length, interesting movie on their own, but have a sizable fan-base? That could be interesting. Maybe something like the Spider-Verse miniseries. Too bad this is still a Miles movie.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Eric’s thoughts:
Very meh. In fact I’d say this is the very definition of a meh trailer. There are some interesting loose threads to tie up from the last film. Something about the plot feels very “Jurassic Park: The Lost World” to me. Which does not hold up to re-watching in my opinion. We’re apparently redoing the opposite attract romance thing like the last movie. Pratt still feels weird being the serious hero type. I know he’s trying, but it always feels like the goofier type roles of his like Star Lord or Emmett are always trying to force their way out when he’s the serious dino-expert in “Jurassic World.” Even the return of Jeff Goldblum can’t bolster things up here. I’ll be REALLY disappointed if he’s just a cameo. One interesting thing is seeing a Carnotaurus (which fans of the Disney “Dinosaur” will recognize as the villains) being destroyed by the T-Rex. Although here’s the thing, “Jurassic World” had really meh trailers too. I only saw the movie out of pure curiosity. In the end I enjoyed it for the dumb popcorn flick that it was, despite its many flaws. So I’m willing to give this a chance. Also, I’ve read that the director said what’s shown in this trailer is only from the first half of the film.

Ready Player One

Eric’s thoughts:
I’ll just be upfront here and admit I haven’t read the book. The teaser was honestly the first time I had even heard of the story. Ever since then, all I’ve heard is total and complete thrashing on the quality of the book. I’ll admit the idea for all this seems fascinating and with a master director like Steven Spielberg even more so. He does have a history of making films that are better than the books their based on like in “Jaws.” Or like with “Jurassic Park” knowing how to change it into something that would work better on film as a blockbuster. Plus, as many others have mentioned he was around and making the kinds of movies this world idolizes. Which offers him some pretty interesting insight if he chooses to use his unique vantage point. As a trailer on its own merits with all that baggage taken out how is it? Nothing all that amazing honestly. If it didn’t have “directed by Steven Spielberg” even with the unique premise I probably wouldn’t be interested. However, I’ll admit a director I like can have a huge impact on me as to whether I’ll give it a chance. So thanks to Spielberg, I’ll see it and it’s really only for that reason.

What do you think? Which trailer are you most excited for? Which trailers should we do next?

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