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Why Amy Schumer is the Next Big Thing!

Why Amy Schumer is the Next Big Thing!


All I can say is that if you haven’t heard of Amy Schumer yet, you’ve been living in a paper bag. Her quips and witty satires alone can leave a long-lasting imprint in your collection of party one-liners. In fact, here is one to take to your next get together with friends: “My mom’s always saying really smart things… like, you probably heard this one, ‘Why buy the cow when the milk has HPV?’ Wish I’d listened to that one.” You’re welcome.

Here are some major reasons to love Amy Schumer:

5. She gets it.


She Gets It!

From those horrific one night stands in college to drunkenly texting our mom, she understands the mistakes that we make as humans. She not only empathizes with us, she shares her stories. Thanks Amy for assuring us that we are not alone.

4. She’s actually shattering the comedic glass ceiling.


Shattering the Comedy Glass Ceiling

She may not realize it yet, but Schumer is shattering the comedic glass ceiling and changing women’s perceptions of gender roles. One skit in “Inside Amy Schumer” demonstrates just that. She has a group of girlfriends gathered around the table talking about how horrible of a person they are for overeating. However, the women always follow up their binge eating confession with an even worse behavior (e.g. zapping a guinea pig in the microwave just to know what it sounds like); shedding light that women tend to focus on superficial errors, which makes women unable to see the bigger mistakes). Until that show I never realized that using my grandfather’s dentures as a beer opener was an issue.

3. She uses her faults as her strength.


She uses her faults as strengths

So, who is perfect this day and age? Absolutely no one. Schumer is not the first one to admit her faults, but she does so in a style that makes her effortlessly hilarious. Many of her jokes relate to her cottage cheese thighs and a body that is a 7 with a face that is a 3 (on the attractive scale of 1-10, if you didn’t know what I’m referring to).

2. Purely fearless.


…and can suck on a lightsaber for the GQ magazine

I hate to admit this female characteristic, but females are generally anxious people that fear rejection. It’s true. Some women can’t even dream of walking outside without make-up or going to an event with a stain or tear on their clothing. The pressure alone can make someone crack. Not Amy Schumer. Schumer rocks her face without any make-up on it, tells dudes that she can handle an orgy, and can suck on a lightsaber for the GQ magazine.

1. She’s completely lovable.

Schumer is the college friend that you knew was just a tad bit too wild to hang out with all the time, but when you did, you never regretted it. You know the friend I’m talking about. When you’re deep into a marathon of “Scandal” she’d tell you get your lazy ass up and get on the skankiest dress you own so that she can get you drunk. Ah….the good ole’ days.
In essence, Schumer can make you laugh and that’s important. Those days when your boss says something to belittle you, your friends seem a bit too catty for your tastes, and your boyfriend is sucky, turn on Schumer and you won’t regret it.

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