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NY Comicon and the Delightful Smell of Stephen Amell

NY Comicon and the Delightful Smell of Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell Shirtless

Yes, below is a picture of me and the parkour sculpted body of Stephen Amell. This sexy “Arrow” star is one classy gentlemen, and I am proud to have had the honor of watching him walk by a sea of fans nonchalantly and under the radar, getting a chin nod and speaking to him briefly, and yes, touching that chiseled body. Of course, once I posted a picture of me with the salmon ladder master, I got lots of responses both publicly on Facebook and Instagram and privately. Most of them were vanilla, including “You are dead to me,” “ I hate you,” “Awesome,” “Jealous,” and “Neat.” Suddenly things got weird when friends, who should remain anonymous, started to say things like “I imagine he smells like sandlewood…did he?”, “Please tell me Stephen Amell smells like danger and mint,” etc.

Film Fad Writer Lisa with Stephen Amell

Film Fad Writer Lisa with Stephen Amell

This wasn’t a single, isolated indecent message. Is this a new thing to wonder what celebrities smell like? Research has shown that odor can make experiences more intense therefore once smelled again it can trigger the memory more vividly. But, these people never met Stephen Amell, so have they been wishfully sniffing stuff while watching “Arrow” on the CW? Are fan girls and boys running up to their TV or computer screens putting their faces up Oliver Queen’s armpit and, by some magical DC power, taking a deep sniff means that they can smell the man?

Marmol & Son already came out with scented colognes at Hot Topic. I smelled them and it is NOT how I pictured these superheroes would smell. Marmol & Son, I bet you smell like disappointment because that is what you made me feel and smell when I sprayed Batman and Superman on myself. And I, like millions of women and men, dreamed of so much more. So, Marmol & Son don’t you dare try to come up with an Amell Smell; you have done enough already.

Marmol & Son Superhero Cologne

Marmol & Son Superhero Cologne

So, let me reveal how Stephan Amell smells….He smells like a man for whom a white unicorn appears everyday in his bedroom after his shower, running its sparkly horn under Amell’s armpits while saying “Stephen, I wuv you”, leaving a ray of sunshine and fresh morning dew on his already clean smelling body. Though, because I was kind of far back in the photo op line on the last day of the New York City Comicon, I did smell a hint of fanboys’ and fan girls’ perspiration….I mean appreciation.

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Lisa's dedication to the religion of geekdom didn't truly start until she was exposed to the delightful Megos of Twisted ToyFare Theatre and the analytic writings of the Godfather of Grump, Alan Moore. With her background in English, History, and Education, she views comics as a literary medium often overlooked and under used in today's society. Follow "The Goddamn Wu" @the_goddamn_wu

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