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Why Tyrese SHOULD Be The Next Green Lantern

Why Tyrese SHOULD Be The Next Green Lantern

Green Lantern Tyrese

In the interest of staying in line with the devils advocate of “what if’s”, I thought I would add this to the mix. There is a fan driven viral campaign to make Tyrese Gibson the next Green Lantern in the DC cinematic Universe. I am not sure where popular opinion falls on this but I know where I stand. Front and center, first in line!!! Sign me up. There are about a trillion reasons why Tyrese Gibson should be the next green lantern. Here are 7 more reasons why!

1. Charisma

Some guys have it some guys don’t. Maybe it’s the smile or the impeccable timing and delivery of his lines but Tyrese seems to have a way to win over audiences (female audiences in particular)

2. Proven success

The guy has been a part of over a trillion dollars at the box office. That’s saying something. While some of these films weren’t Oscar contenders (or even good), you can’t say his films didn’t make money and that’s a win for the studios. He can draw a crowd. Bottom line is the guy has a fairly impressive bottom line.

3. Drive to be the best

If you have read any of Tyrese’s books you know that he is very driven and motivated to be the best at what he does. Actors with that sort of drive make things better with their presence alone (I’m looking at you Dwayne Johnson). Being as driven as Tyrese is I think his performance would be head and shoulders above the paycheck cashing swagger of Ryan Reynolds‘ rendition of the Emerald Crusader.

4. Diversity in DC/Superhero universe

I’ll say it, I think the superhero universes that we currently have lack majorly in diversity. What people of color and women don’t want to save the world. Of course they do! Let’s see it. DC is making strides with SuperGirl and Wonder Woman. We get to see Johnny Storm reimagined in the Fantastic Four reboot. Lets see John Stewart don the ring and make the Superhero universes more indicative of the real universe.

Justice League

Superheroes could use some diversity

5. Humor

Tyrese is a funny guy. He always seems to have the right comeback delivered in the right way. “The Fast and Furious” is a great case in point. “Baby Boy,” an instant classic if you ask me, has some really hilarious parts that can be attributed to Tyrese’s delivery as well.

6. Seriousness

“Annapolis” and “Baby Boy” were great dramatic performances that show that Tyrese can hold his own even when he isn’t cracking us up.

7. Kickassedness

While the word is made up, Tyrese’s action ability isn’t. He’s showed the chops for being a badass all while kicking it in the “Transformers”, and “Fast and Furious” franchises. He shot it out with the big boys in “Four Brothers.” Whipped James Franco’s ass in “Annapolis”… ok that’s not really saying much but you get the point. Green Lantern needs to be able to hold his own and Tyrese can deliver that.

Tyrese Concept Green Lantern

Tyrese as Green Lantern

Plus look at the art work. He kinda looks the part. If nothing else it couldn’t possibly be as cringe worthy as the last installment. The fans have spoken! Do the right thing DC!

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