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Super Bowl XLIX TV & Film Spot Compilation

Super Bowl XLIX TV & Film Spot Compilation

Super Bowl TV Spots

While there may be winners and losers, everybody won with these exclusive Super Bowl XLIX TV & Film Spots!

I’m not a big football fan but I am a fan of the surprises in between the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIX was no disappointment when it came to its spots for TV and film showing off many clips we hadn’t seen for upcoming films and even new releases. Here is the list of the most impressionable TV and film moments of Super Bowl XLIX.

Jurassic World

The Super Bowl Spot for Jurassic World was probably the most enlightening trailer of the night. While we may have seen much of the footage that appears in this clip, the plot reveals are what I noticed most. We knew that “Jurassic World” would be taking us back to the island and we knew about a new dinosaur, but this clip connects the dots. It seems much like the original “Jurassic Park” film as a fun filled amusement park is suddenly turned into a kill zone because of one Jurassic mishap. Based on the dialogue, we see that the climactic moment of the film is when the trainer (Chris Pratt) takes his trained “dino army” with him to hunt down this new creation.

Furious 7

This Super Bowl XLIX trailer for “Furious 7” takes the action to an entirely new level. They touch on the family values established from the other films and almost instantaneously the action gets moving. Just when you thought the stunts couldn’t get any bigger, “Furious 7” takes fast cars to a “Transformers” type level. With cars being dropped out of planes and then making jumps between skyscrapers, this could be the most action packed Fast & Furious film yet!


The obscurity of Tomorrowland still remains in this clip as it did in others, but it’s another piece of the puzzle. We see more of the wondrous world transforming before our eyes and even catch a glimpse of Hugh Laurie. The clip is still short but much more pleasing from a visual perspective than the other clips we’ve seen thus far.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is just weeks away and the titillating anticipation just continues to build. This trailer reveals nothing new from the aspect of sensuality but does play to the humor that we have yet to see. With the film being a mere weeks away, I doubt we will see much more media coverage than what’s already out there. So sorry ladies, I guess for now you’ll just have to wait.

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