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Review: ‘Passengers’ Is A Fun Ride Despite Rotten Tomatoes Pompous Consensus

This is an example of why NOT to use Rotten Tomatoes as the authority for your movie going decisions. “Passengers” unites Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence on an interstellar journey that becomes problematic. While many of the scientific elements fall into the realm of fiction or pseudoscience, this film excels in the realm of pure entertainment. “Passengers” definitely has its faults, but I’m sure that a majority of you (myself included) will overlook them if you can just enjoy the ride.

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Passengers Trailer: Promising Sci-Fi Thriller Stars Lawrence and Pratt

The one-two punch star power of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt was inspired casting for “Passengers” and it immediately was on my “most anticipated of 2016” movie list. Audiences should flock to this one based on the casting alone. Lawrence is A+ in my book. A talented actress with movie star charisma who is equally effective in comedy, drama, adventure, etc. can do no wrong. Though I was initial skeptical of his career, Pratt is a funny actor who has showed leading man range beyond anything I ever expected as he sheds his scrappy sidekick, goofball persona. By the way, don’t call “Passengers” original science fiction. It is based on the 1970 Hugo award nominated science fiction short story by Robert Silverberg. Take a look at the trailer below to see why I am excited for “Passengers.”

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Top 5 Unaired Saturday Night Live Sketches

With countless sketches tucked under it’s burgeoning waistband, “Saturday Night Live” has appealed to the late night sensibilities of fans over multiple decades. But, many of those sketches are often left on the cutting room floor still waiting to be discovered. Here are’s top 5 unaired “Saturday Night Live” sketches.

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