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Passengers Trailer: Promising Sci-Fi Thriller Stars Lawrence and Pratt

Passengers Trailer: Promising Sci-Fi Thriller Stars Lawrence and Pratt


Passengers trailer promises dramatic, sci-fi thrills for The Holidays.

The one-two punch star power of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt was inspired casting for “Passengers” and it immediately was on my “most anticipated of 2016” movie list. Audiences should flock to this one based on the casting alone. Lawrence is A+ in my book. A talented actress with movie star charisma who is equally effective in comedy, drama, adventure, etc. can do no wrong. Though I was initial skeptical of his career, Pratt is a funny actor who has showed leading man range beyond anything I ever expected as he sheds his scrappy sidekick, goofball persona. By the way, don’t call “Passengers” original science fiction. It is based on the 1970 Hugo award nominated science fiction short story by Robert Silverberg. Take a look at the trailer below to see why I am excited for “Passengers.”



With a sleek looking production, gripping moments, perfectly framed cinematography, and the demanding on-screen presence of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, “Passengers” looks even more promising than I ever anticipated. This should take off with audiences over The Holidays. I am surprised this movie’s Oscar nominated director (Morten Tyldum) isn’t mentioned on the trailer considering “The Imitation Game” was such a hit a few years ago. Otherwise, this very effective trailer excites audiences.


Some are questioning the release date of this action adventure, sci-fi set in space coming so soon after “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” After this trailer, I wouldn’t be concerned especially during a time of year where multiple hits can thrive in theaters. Besides, “I am Legend” thrived at the box office which banked on Will Smith’s charismatic star power set in the future. Success can easily happen again. If anything, the latest “Star Wars” movie has some competition. Besides, all I want for Christmas is Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt racing against time to save humanity.


What did you think of the trailer to Passengers?

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