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‘Star Wars Trials on Tatooine’ is Cinematic Virtual Reality

‘Star Wars Trials on Tatooine’ is Cinematic Virtual Reality


Lucasfilm is looking to put you in “Star Wars” with this virtual reality, cinematic experience!

“Star Wars Trials on Tatooine” is the title of the first “Star Wars” project looking to mesh together virtual reality and cinema with hopes of putting fans inside of the movie. The project was developed using the Unreal Engine for HTC Vive and will take place after the events of “Return of the Jedi.” Take a look at the short trailer below.

Those who have demoed “Star Wars Trials on Tatooine” have claimed that this is not a true video game but rather an interactive experience. From a cinematic stance, the project is said to be outstanding but for gamers, “Trials on Tatooine” may not be the trial they’re looking for.


“Star Wars Trials on Tatooine” lightsaber combat

The game essentially consists of you playing a young Jedi trained by Luke Skywalker. Your job is to protect and help repair the Millennium Falcon while it is trying to deliver some cargo. For this experience you will complete minor tasks and utilize your skills with a lightsaber to mostly block incoming blaster bolts. While there’s not much to the mission, the overall experience seems to have quite the potential.

While this “Star Wars” VR game will be the one that catches the eye of most, it’s not the first to be announced for HTC Vive. Last year it was announced that a Paranormal Activity virtual reality game would provide a similar experience in the horror genre. If both of these projects prove to be a success, then we may see other film franchise supplement their movies with these types of projects. Maybe a future superhero type experience?

At this point, “Star Wars Trials on Tatooine” is in a very brief demo state. I’m sure that their plan for release will fall very much in line with the flood of other VR peripherals hitting the market. Until then, we can continue to wait for this newfound “Star Wars” experience.

What do you think of “Star Wars” coming to virtual reality?

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