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‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Is Filmed In 6K…That’s Right 6K!

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Is Filmed In 6K…That’s Right 6K!


Forget 4K, parts of the “Star Wars: Rogue One” anthology are filmed in 6K!

While 4K seems to be the latest and greatest when it comes to HD, it seems that Star Wars: Rogue One will be taking advantage of a definition beyond Ultra HD. According to The Hollywood Reporter the “Star Wars: Rogue One” anthology will be filmed in 6K utilizing the highly sought after Alexa camera to shoot some of their scenes!

Parts of Star Wars: Rogue One and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation were shot with Arri’s Alexa 65, a large format, 6K resolution model of Arri’s popular Alexa camera that is available exclusively through Arri Rental.

Just when we think that resolution can’t get any higher, Star Wars begins to break technological barriers once again. While it would be amazing to see the first new “Star Wars” film (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) utilizing this technology, it will in fact be the next in line to get the 6K treatment. It makes me wonder if “Star Wars: Rogue One” may have more in store for us than “The Force Awakens” or maybe 6K is just a gimmick to spark interest for the non-Jedi centric film.

Even now when I look at 4K films, I stare in wonder and amazement from the vibrant colors and crisp picture quality. When I think of 6K, I just can’t imagine what kind of visual splendor awaits. For those who don’t know what 4K and 6K mean, it’s a reference to the number of pixels on the screen which allow for a sharper picture overall which adds to the realism. But will 6K just be too much for our eyes to register? Is it really going to be a game changer for films or will it be overkill like many consider 3D to be? I guess we will just have to wait for “Star Wars: Rogue One” to see for ourselves!

Do you think 6K will give certain films an edge?

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