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Hugh Jackman: “Wolverine…One Last Time”

Hugh Jackman: “Wolverine…One Last Time”

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine -

Yesterday Hugh Jackman’s Instagram hinted at what all fans have been dreading…the end of his run as Wolverine.


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Hugh Jackman‘s iconic character made his cinematic debut in 2000 and the character has clawed his way into 7 films over the past 15 years.  This is the record for any superhero reprisal and might be close to the record for any one actor repeating a single character.  Sean Connery played James Bond in 7 films, but I don’t consider “Never say Never Again” as a Bond film, so that doesn’t count.  I make the comparison because like Connery, Hugh Jackman has solidified his place in film history as the first and best Wolverine.


If this is his last stint in claws I hope his exodus does not slow the X-Men universe like Connery’s did for Bond.  I also hope Hugh Jackman’s career in other films will heal as fast as Logan because “Chappie,” “Real Steel,” and “Van Helsing” have ripped respect from Jackman easier than Magneto pulling Adamantium off his skeleton.  On the other hand, it may be fitting if he tosses in the metaphorical yellow spandex because this will coincide with Marvel Comics’ recent issuance of the “Death of Wolverine” storyline late last year.

Do you think Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine will follow the comics and soon come to an end?

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