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Robert Downey Jr. is Real Life Iron Man With This Act of Kindness

Robert Downey Jr. is Real Life Iron Man With This Act of Kindness


Robert Downey Jr. proves he’s a real superhero with his latest act of kindness.

In a recent post on Instagram, a mother spoke about her son with Cystic Fibrosis and the bullying that he endured at school. In her post she mentioned her son’s hero and idol Robert Downey Jr. asking if he would meet with her son to help him during the hard times at school. Not only did Robert Downey Jr. respond but he also offered her son Daniel a little something more.

#cysticfibrosis #myironman #bulliescanthurtme @robertdowneyjr This is my son Daniel and he has cystic fibrosis, he is seven years old and wants nothing more to meet his idol Robert Downey Jr (aka iron man) as he has managed to get past the bullies he faces from day to day by telling them the he too has a extra special port in his chest much like iron man has his arc reactor, I am sharing this in hope that mr stark (as Daniel calls him out of the suit) could find a way to contact me on here as Daniel could really do with a little lift at the moment after a child at school has told him that all children with cf die. If this reaches him and Daniel could get a reply I hope that it could help him through his stay in hospital as it is starting to take its toll on him.

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Not only is Robert Downey Jr. planning on meeting Daniel, but he also invited him as his special guest to the Los Angeles premiere of Captain America: Civil War. While a meet and greet would have been more than enough, this act was going the extra mile.

But this isn’t the first time that Robert Downey Jr. posed as Tony Stark aka Iron Man to help a child in need. Around this time last year, he had presented a 3D printed Iron Man arm to a child without an arm of his own.

When it comes to all of these actors that we see playing our favorite superheroes on the big screen, it’s a warm feeling to see them play their characters off screen with actions like this. Many, including Stan Lee, have said that Robert Downey Jr. “is Iron Man” and I think now many more would agree.

What are some of your favorite Robert Downey Jr. moments?

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